Chairman difference

Watched a couple of the later interviews with the Port Vale hierarchy.

Dont shoot me about its old news but the difference between total honesty and integrity is there for all to see. Were in even more dire straights than we were and yet have speculated to accumlate and given their fans hope for next season. It might go pear shaped for them but somehow i doubt it.

Our hierachy is shrouded in mystery and dodgy dealings and has the temerity to tell us to back off when the heat is on. I for one trust none of them and wish those yank investors would come in now. Oh i forgot!!!


Always has been in my lifetime, and with this board things will never change, we need new faces and new ideas, same old same old, will result in same old same old.


Is their chairman Mao, Tone?

ffsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss pass

And what dodgy dealings might they be then? I don’t know of any that LP has been involved in…perhaps you can enlighten us!


The last minute ‘sale’ of Adebayo and fabulous new prospect to replace him at the eleventh hour, and then stating it was not a necessity for financial reasons, when it obviously was.
It’s just a continuity of white lies fed to us to keep us quiet.
I personally do not believe one iota of nonsense that comes from our board, everything is steeped in mystery and intrigue.
Why couldn’t they just admit that as a selling club, it was necessary to make a shrewd sale to pay our rent because of a lack of finacial input due to covid! Just tell the truth for once.

Everybody know we are a selling Club as is every other Club in the EFL!!!


Yes we are and always will be as Smallsall amongst a riot of Premiershite and Championship clubs around us, a mere bus ride away.
But why oh why can our board not tell the truth for a change, instead of shrouding every decision made in mystery!
If we must continue to fall towards non league because we are basically tat and can’t afford better, then TELL US.
We’ve lived with Bonser and his minions, (who are now our board) for numerous years of underachievement, we expected better when Bonser sold (officially) his shareholding, we have seen very little change. In fact things have got worse, facilities are still inept and decrepit, our general demeanour is of second rate and our players are possibly the worse in the EFL, probably because they are the worse paid. We have a manager who our Chairman thinks is the new Klopp, but is no more than an apprentice taking on the job of a boss…very badly.
Fans are ‘unhappy’ at a minimum, season tickets will be at an all time low unless a miracle happens and we have appointed a new young inexperienced D o F who so far has done nothing but accept a salary…
We await major decisions to alleviate our demise in the next few weeks…minimum.


Exaggeration does not help your argument.


I get the feeling that the new Vale owners are genuine fans. The kind that would have been going away on a Tuesday night away at Exeter even before they made the kind of money t buy the club.

I would like to know more about Pomlett and his history of support as he’s now the new number one fan.
Was he at Scarborough away when we needed a result under Chris Nichol? Was he at Twerton park when we still had a chance of the play offs years ago?
What kind of fan is he? I’d like to know.

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His family have long been walsall supporters.

Why do you need to know that? He has put about £1 million of his own money into club.He gave up a number of Directorships so he could spend more time running the club. That is enough for me .


£1 million to finish 19th in the 4th division.
I’m not sure about that mate.

Just questioning if he is as passionate about the club as most of us who are still debating our crap season at 8 pm on a a Saturday night?

In fact I think the whole tone of this thread is distasteful. I think LP is a genuine fan who has put his money and time into helping the Club come through this difficult time. By all means criticise his decisions if you want to but to doubt his integrity and his honesty is in my view not acceptable.


It may be distasteful but do you really think that we would have finished in our lowest league position ever if the Notorious JB was still at the helm?

As others have said I’d be more than happy to eat mountains of humble pie next season if things improve.

If Jb ever gave a toss it had certainly gone but the time he sold up.

Pomlett cares but he’s got this summer to sort it out, otherwise he’s gonna be the second coming of Bonser.

A club stuck in 1998

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Id suggest that the three of them would have knowledge of shady dealings from the past. Hence why they are still here. Bimble about doing nothing about the freehold so sorting out everything with the ground for future generations. Then the family buy it for peanuts knowing in will become a cash cow for all of them for however it takes.
Use said monies to give back to the club in loans which folk are not fully updated on and when we sell a player these monies suddenly get taken back so in turn not able to replace. Only time weve spent money was on Makris and if you dont think that is dodgy i cannot help you.
Many millions turned over every year and peanuts made net as if to keep HMRC happy.
The list is endless and not being an accountant im sorry but i cant prove it. More so because thats only whats been printed. Ive had several businesses and a good intuition as an ex Pc and thats enough for me. Not to mention his big defence of Bonsor at meet the manager.
My post was about the integrity of Port Vales hierachy in comparison to ours. I rest my case

As for honesty theres stuff going on behind Clarkes back which in turn makes him look a fool when hes grinning like a Cheshire cat when Clarkes gone along with our goal machine. Unfortunately he boxed himself in a corner saying hed found the answer now hes going to look like a mug when he has to get rid. Did we need to sell?? Who knows he couldnt give a straight answer on that either!!. Like ive said before i cant wait to see the next set of books.

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As for a million put in that would have to be scrutinised and if so is another loan with whatever clauses in that?..

But JB has gone and we have a new owner. All that stuff is old history. I am prepared to accept that LP is a man of integrity and loves the club. Do you? Also you have watched a video from another club and immediately accept that they are fans and have integrity! They may well be but how does affect us?