Chairman Talks to Walsall Fan TV

You have to give him some credit. He won’t stop talking to us will he :grin:


Fair play , he’s just grilled Pomlett more than anyone else has in the past few year :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Really enjoyed that.

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According to Pomlett, Conor Wilkinson is the biggest transfer we’ve ever made? :laughing::sweat_smile:


:rofl::rofl: sure a certain Paul Merson and Vinnie Samways to just name 2 might disagree.


Thought that was Makris​:thinking::thinking::joy::joy:

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I’ve said it on here loads of times before Wilkinson is on £3 - £3.5k a week with us

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Not sure if its just me but why does Pombear seem like he’s looking down on people?

There’s a bloke there, running a podcast, does not really have an idea how a football club runs so asks questions we all would like to have answers too i.e player insurance, Fullerton, budget etc and he just appears to have a ‘You have no clue attitude’. Yeah you are right we don’t so dont come across as a patronising arsehole.

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I thought the bloke asking the questions did a good job there, not afraid to broach any subject or say what he thought. Good job.


Intresting how said the 4 signings are not under contract as couldnt sign players yet so the 4 are free agents then ?

Not only me that thought that then.
He come across as really arrogant imo, far from the joyful happy chairman we got to see when he took over.


Trialists A-K from recent reserve games coming back ready for the big reveal?

He seems a very different man to the one that took over in 2019. Supporting this club is not good for your health. I reckon owning/running it has taken an even greater toll.


I think he needs to tell us more about the intensity difference from corporate to football, the 400 times didn’t sink in to my obviously inferior brain to his

I think he gets himself caught up in a lie too and realises it.

When asked about player insurance his answer is ‘No , its not a Walsall thing’, which suggets it is something that can be done and other clubs do it , he then slightly retracts by saying ‘it’s not something that is done in football’ , I think he knows he would get pelters for Walsall doing the cheap option AGAIN and not insuring their players, and tries to back out of it.

With a quick google search even I can find companies that do insure footballers.

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To me it suggests we have paid a small fee.

The player has already informed its parent club that they are not willing to stay, so Walsall have paid a small fee (which the parent club will accept rather than lose on a free) to get ahead of the game and secure signatures before he’s allowed to talk to other clubs come 1st of June or July (mind playing tricks).

Some good questions asked and nice to see most of the questions answered .
Credit to both guys .
Who’d be a chairman !!!


Jeff Bonser seems to have done okay out of it

Sorry Leigh, I feel more alienated with each ‘appearance’


Well done Saddlers Fan TV and to Leigh Pomlett for not shirking the questions asked