The Chairman is addressing us on Monday , hope he has a busy weekend

He needs to becareful because any hint of fan criticism will be the straw that broke the camels back.


Brian will be relieved of his duties and a new manager will be announced there’s no other way he can regain the fans trust.


Hope the chairman is very careful here! Anything about supporters just whinging , not understanding finances or listening to ‘ rubbish rumours ‘ will not go down wel at all.
I would be very suprised if he releases Dutton at an announced briefing and it’s not more of a stick with us pledge x
Atleast our email pressure seemed to have worked even a little??


I reckon he’s bought a tie and just wants to show it off :grin:

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Hope he does the interview somewhere else, other than that gaunt office, with the crap trophy and pennant.

Hope he tells something too.

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I don’t see him getting rid of Dutton only weeks after hyping him up.

Hopefully he’s found us a competent assistant manager to help Dutton keep us up!

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I think it’s important than Pomlett knows most of us like him and like what he’s about

Those of us who are picking fault are just concerned about his lack of action and ability to spot problems

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He said in one interview that there was always a plan B going on in the background, lets hope he has one for the managerial problem we face at the Tickover stadium.
That’s what I will refer to it as in the future, perhaps we all should,might be a constant reminder.

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Why do people keep referring his LP’s YouTube vids as ‘addresses’! He is ‘in control’ of a failing amateur L2 (just) football club, not President of the US of A! :joy:

Really gets on my wick it does!


Keep the flame alive mate.

“Brian is now in a mock dismissal situation…following on from Friday’s disappointing result…and learning of Chris Wilders availability…Steff and I conducted a mock telephone conversation with Chris and we were really impressed with what we imagined he would say if the conversation had been real.”


The cynic in me thinks he is playing on that :thinking:


He’ll get cut slack because he ain’t Jeff

But he’ll also be judged on the merits of the job he does

Now Jeff had us punching at or above our weight (wether that weight was handicapped by his rent is another debate)

So par Leigh has us under performing And Covid is a level playing field so he can’t use it

I have to wonder if he did his due diligence on Clarke. Did he dig in to what he was like or just look at the name on the CV

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How? For example, we rely heavily on conference and events for income, Salford do not.

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Salford sure, but most clubs don’t have rich owners at this level.

It’s a level playing field because WHEREVER you get your income from at present that’s zero. Same for everyone.


you’ve just answered your own Question Rob

Nobody has Conferencing at all

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He’s been brainwashed by the Club can’t see the wood for the trees. Doesn’t suit Robs agenda to see anything else other than his point of view

The pandemic has hit the world very hard. From a footballing perspective every club has suffered, it is the purpose of the board to set about overcoming this and hopefully in a way that does not play russian roulette with our league status.
Sticking with the current managerial team at this point does not make sense as it is just not working.
The club at some point will want season ticket holders to renew.
He then needs to do something that at least looks positive because support has to be earned, having people think next year will be the same as the last 5 will if the are luck sell around a thousand.
Then he will know what financial pressure is because hospitality businesses will not just switch back on this year. It will take time and in footballing terms we will be a bottom 8 club next year if something cannot be done.