Chairman's Update

Season ticket sales up 25%
Still looking to bring another player in
JF asked to continue improving the club on and off the field
SLO appointed to the board to represent the fans

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And the SLO joining the board too as the fan representation.

Well that’s a farce.

Was only part way through - just heard it.

I think the SLO position does need clarifying. Is it an elected position? Should the supporters’ have a say on who it is that represents them?

Edited to say LP has confirmed this appointment is for two years.


Lets vote Geordie in as SLO, by god there would be a shake up on communications and customer satisfaction, bit of a commute every day but he’s a stoic lad!


You must be having a laugh surely :joy:

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Exactly this.

I’m sure Geordie would be alright doing it by Zoom. :sweat_smile:

I’m satisfied with it being time limited for 2 years. Other organisations I’ve been involved with have done something similar when a new position is created. It should, however, be an elected position if it is going to continue in the long run.


I dunno, I’d rather trust the clubs judgement on picking someone good at it rather than it being a popularity contest amongst fans.

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I don’t think he said the position was time limited to 2 years. He said he’d give the SLO and project and they’d review that in 2 years.

I agree though that any fan representation should be voted for in some way by the fans.


Crazy about season ticket sales up 25% I’m shocked about that to be honest wonder what the figure is must be about 2,000

Isn’t the SLO Bonsers retired accountant .

Not sure we will be represented 100%
the way an unattached exclub employee would represent us IMO


No he isn’t. This is how unsubstantiated and false rumours start.

Remember virtually all of that is at a 22-24% discount though depending where you sit.

That is why I started with the question wasn’t he ?

I fully understand what you are saying Shropshire and totally agree and I’m only repeating what I’ve been told .


Then, to the very best of my knowledge, what you have been told is untrue.

The SLO was, indeed, an accountant but, as far as I am aware, never had any professional dealings with the club. He is, and has been for very many years, a genuine supporter, who used to stand on the terraces at Fellows Park. Whether he represents all of the diverse views on here, and whether he is critical enough of the regime when needed, I couldn’t tell you.


Regarding fan representation at board level, seems strange that such an important announcement, one that would have been unthinkable a few years ago, should be shoehorned into a video update that was itself shoehorned between a signing and a live Q&A. Would have expected far more fanfare.

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Excuse the pun.

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