Chant for Mac and Adebayo

I know EA maybe doesnt get a song yet… but surely Mac does?

I keep trying ro think of one, but all ive got is Return of the Mac or “Wes McDonald scored a goal eyeyeyoo” … worst chant ever?


A few months ago it would have just been the “laughing policeman” for Adebayo :joy:


Call; “Give me an E”
Response; “E”
Call; “Give me an L”
Response; “Oh for chrissakes the games only 90 minutes long, knock it on the head”

EA has got one hasn’t he?

I’ve heard “Adebayo baby, Adebayo whoohooohoo” to the Human League song.

Yepppp…As heard quite clear at Vale away on the club video

I think we’d need more than 90 minutes for his full name, which is Elijah Anuoluwapo Oluwaferanmi Oluwatomi Oluwalana Ayomikulehin Adebayo.

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Ayli is shorter! :wink:

Pretty sure I heard the old Sawyers “Just Can’t Get Enough” ditty reprised for McDonald at one of the home games, fairly recently.

Just sing his initials it’s a bit like Jimmy the hoover tantalise

How about for Adebayo as he goes by Eli…" Eli, Eli Oh, Eli Adebayo" to the tune of the old Ei, Ei, Oh,
Up the Football League we go?

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Asenayo scored a goal
Eli Eli oh…