Chant of the Season

As we’re in award season territory and reviewing the season as a whole what is beyond doubt is the quality of our support which has once again been quite superb (it’s a given how good we are as Steve Bruce would say). So what was your favourite chant of the 23/24 season?

  • Premier League, you’re having a laugh (Southampton away)
  • My garden shed is bigger than this…(Alfreton away)
  • Walsall FC, (we’re) from the Black Country (all home games)
  • Here we go, here we go, here we go (Notts County away)
  • Danny Johnson he’s a red (Mansfield away)
  • Jamile Matt, he’s one of our or own! (Mansfield home)

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Forest Green defender lying on the pitch " that Vegan bastard, he’s eating our grass"


Yeah that was a classic willenhall, I also like “ If you can play for Walsall so can I “ given the crap we’ve been subjected to over the years.

We live and die In These towns - Coventry
Just awesome

‘Danny Johnson he’s a red…’ looks to be a worthy winner. Singing it away at Mansfield it was almost deafening, and the look on the faces of the Mansfield fans to our left was priceless, they simply had no response.

Years ago when Walsall still did the alluminations, we played Blackpool on a Tuesday night. The chant of “Have you come to see lights” made me chuckle.


Tommy Knowles being indestructible :roll_eyes:

Danny Johnson is a Red he hates Sadler.



Chant to start off next season if we visit Solihull Moors again in a PSF, which might not go down very well with the locals. :wink:

Ex-Walsall players, they’ll miss when they want!!

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I’m surprised that we didn’t wheel out the: “He’ll eat again” chant for Mo Faal during Ramandam. That would have been a contender for chant of the season.