At the start of the season I think we all welcomed the additions of some senior pro’s into the first team squad given the lack of leadership and experience on the pitch last year. Performance wise they have been a very mixed bag, with Clarke and Sinclair doing reasonably well, as is Guthrie when we can get him on the pitch. Sadler has been very ‘meh’, and the less said about Liddle the better.

Regardless of individual performance, where they really need to start stepping up is managing others through the game. We seem to lack any sort of character. Going a goal behind in games, particularly in the second half really seems to knock the stuffing out of us. In recent weeks (I’m thinking today, Orient and Cheltenham specifically) we haven’t mustered anything in response. This is where I’d expect the experienced pro’s to step up and I don’t think they have been up to that for a good few weeks now


James Clarke has been questionable for me yes he’s scored a few goals but defensively he’s no better than the rest I agree with Sinclair works his nuts off.