Charlie Lakin Signs

2 year deal


cracking signing

That should keep some happy……happier?


That’s the sort of signings we need to be making to push on out this division, a lot of pelters Have gone clubs way last few days but they done well to get this one over the line, if imagine a few clubs would have been after him.


“I like to get forward, get into those attacking positions but I also like to do the dirty work which I quite enjoy doing so I’m a box-to-box midfielder who likes to create things, score goals but I will help the team out defensively as well.”

Sounds like in the mold of Stirk or Mcentee rather than a creative type like Hutch.

Welcome Charlie

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He’s wearing a Macron top in the video.
Not sure if it’s a training top or away kit…

A good Hutch replacement on paper in terms of assists and goals as we could expected without paying big money
Well done recruitment team


No idea who is is. Will rely on the other posters opinions on him for this one x

“I’m delighted that we were able to fend off the competition as pretty much the majority of the division had enquired about Charlie in the last month”

Trivela have no idea what they’re doing though :face_with_peeking_eye:


Just what the doctor ordered by the sounds of it, good work by the club.


Looks like decent Division 2 player. Welcome Charlie…hope you do well for us.

Any good info on him? Is he a Hutch replacement as his Sutton stats suggest or is he more box to box getting on the end of things as he seems to suggest himself?

Well done Walsall - good signing that. High energy box to box midfielder - only 25 - so similar age to Hutch but I think a different sort of player and more in the Sadler mould for what he wants. Stood out for Sutton last season and scored at a similar rate to Hutch. Played in the championship and some good EFL experience. Excited by this signing.


No idea what that t-shirt is. Perhaps a new range of tshirts in the store?

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3 assists from Lakin in this game. 2 through balls and a corner


They’re clearly doing a revamp of all the stock in the store, which is why they’ve spent the last few months trying to get rid of everything with discount sales.


They must have been using him in shots of new kit and merch because he’s in yet another different top here…

It doesn’t have a collar like the one in the video.


Has plenty of experience at L1 and L2 level. Midlands lad which I think is a key issue for us. A lot of potential signings mention on UTS are not going to relocate to the midlands and certainly not Walsall. He will know all about the area and most likely lives near by. I think he can do a job for us based on what he has already done. Welcome Charlie


Left footed and takes corners.
That’ll please our set-piece coach.