CheckaTrade Trophy 2018/19


CheckaTrade Trophy to continue with selected U-21 sides for 2018/19, now including Arsenal.

Will you:

  • Attend games
  • Boycott games

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Will never attend while this farce continues. Even a trip to Wembley would not make me break this stance.


Will continue the Boycott and yes even if we make the Final I’m not going to Wembley .


Should be a third option of ‘Not Fussed’ . I probably won’t go to any of these games but I am not Boycotting them to make a point. Should put out an under 21 side as well.

Would go to Wembley though if we made it to the final.


i wouldn’t bother going to the games, but there again i don’t envisage going to ANY home games.I will however be going to some league away games.


I would go when the academy sides are knocked out but not before.


I wonder why they have persisted with the format knowing that fans are not happy and crowds have been down?


rubs thumb and first finger together


That BBC article suggests everyone has forgotten that and the world is a happy place…


Definitely not going while it’s in it’s present form.


to be honest I wouldn’t have gone to any under the old format either. Tinpot competition.


It is a crap competition but I will go to Wembley again if we get there.


Looks like I will be the only one going as I have said before I support the team not a competition or anything else can understand the dislike of competition and not happy myself about set up but my loyalty to team comes first.
It was never going to change money wins every time who cares if grounds empty as long as a slice of cash is there is the norm.


I agree Reedswood…I will go to the home games if at all possible.


dont forget there are a few thousand fans that do not use this site, so i would predict that neither of you will be standing on your own :smile: