Cheltenham roll call

Dig out your top hats and coat tails (or cardboard shows you claim are Brogues in @chunkster case) and pleading for an overdraft…oh wait that’s in March.

Anyway Cheltenham away, we’re in yes? Thought I’d see for myself this incredible away form…bare in mind I last away game was Orient and I haven’t seen a win on the road since Oxford in September 2018.

Plenty of good boozers here. I believe Prestbury is pretty popular for the CAMRA crew, I’ll be sticking with the Frog and Fiddle. Available from half 1.


Yes i’m up for this one,( shoes permitting ):smile:, i’m going to give my mate Pete a call later to see if he has room in the car, i would think we would have a similar following as yesterday? how many tikets have they given us? because their ground holds about 7000 doesn’t it?

400 but pretty sure behind the goal holds about 1k.

For massive followings think part of the touchline stand also becomes available.

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I bet the 400 will be sold very quickly then

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Already got mine :+1:

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Dont even need too ask tbh ill be there along with all the others…

Shouldnt need a roll call, If you love this team and wanna see it do well you go no matter what form we are in…

Orient or Morcambe. win or loss im there!

Football club is for life not just the good times

Sounds just like a puppy :smile::wink:

We are much more easy too “roll over” tho :wink:

Train down too Chelt are only 11quid Chunk and takes like 30min from New Street

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My mate has text me back he is getting my ticket with his his brothers his son and his mate and they are taking me thanks pal :wink:

This teams turned into Rottweilers the past couple of games digging their teeth in and fighting for the win it’s good to see.DC has done well to turn it around I’m not a fan of his style of management but he’s doing the job at the moment so hats off to the man I think he will always be a bit like “Marmite” to people he now needs backing to kick on or we sort of float in mid table we still have the same set of players so a bad run can soon catch up with you as it did the other month bet yesterday was awesome mate hope you enjoyed it oh and the new shoes now the cardboards been removed :rofl: UTS!!

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You should get in touch with the club about becoming the new marketing manager. Get the fans back in droves

After 45 years of following my club which I have to say, very few of which you could term as good times, I sometimes, these days, struggle to maintain the same viewpoint as you and I doubt many ‘life-long’ fans like me on here will feel very differently but I admire your youthful exuberance if nothing else :wink:

Your passion shown now is little different to that shown by many others much older in previous times and the reality for many fans is that we yearn good, hard working players that show a pride and commitment to the shirt - that’s mostly enough for me.

Success (when it comes) is brilliant and a joy to be part of but for the most part, the real spirit of clubs like ours is in the fans, so you, me and all the others that take the time to pay our hard earned to go to games and contribute on sites like UTS, need to stick together…

I’m putting my soapbox in the shed for now


11 quid, would love to know the saving sites you use!

Two singles of 13 quid works out same as usual return which is 26 quid.

I know many gentlemen like you and love too hear said story’s, they inspire me too keep going and hope i get too see days like that… After so many years and with changes in life its always going too be hard for some of you too feel the same, i admire so many of the “older” generation for coming back after some poor years shows true dedication too the cause, Id never question a fans desire too the cause because i know we all have our own ways of backing our club (sid knew what i mean in my mad fashion of wording) …

I like many other posters over react too things on here i generally talk a lot ■■■■ like in real life but after reading yesterday match thread its clear as once was this club has great fans and together with a club in fine form have nothing too fear.


You’re a cracking kid mate simple as :+1:t2:

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Try split ticket pal! Use a rail card too,

I just wish our previous/past owner had shared the view many of us do but hopefully, better times ahead :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

By the way, cheers for the very polite reply - been a while since I’ve been called a gentleman! :wink:

Sadly I last qualified for the 18-25 one in 2015!:joy:

I do use split ticketing on other away trips but Brum-Cheltenham is difficult as it’s the first stop (o.k one stops at University but it’s the same price from there as New Street).

Guess it’s a little cheaper if I went via Worcester but cuts out on the important stuff of the day…:beers:

LP seems too want the same as us which is key, I was first the slate the poor start we had, But seems i was a utter idiot for them thoughts but that’s what football does too you at times!

Manners cost nothing i was always taught! :wave:

I dont have one i use my pal’s but he only pays a £10 for the rail card each year i think?

If im honest with you HQ im baffled by it all i transfer my pal the money he does it…

im taking my 12 year old nephew Cheltenham and it cost £22 bar a few pence,

Its all about that beer time all tho a few tins for the train ride is always a blessing