Chief Scout

So we finally have a chief scout. It seems about time the club have a proper scouting network


Yep. This is a significant upgrade from Ian Sharps watching reserve games on a live stream.

Especially as all we got was shaibu! It’s good to see the direction we are heading in, I just hope all of these appointments don’t impact the playing budget negatively.

Brilliant move. Sorely been missing for some time.

Always found it so amateurish to read about Whitney (not his fault) having to drive to Scotland to watch some bloke who probably wasn’t worth it in the first place.

Keates is saying and doing all the right things. Long may it continue.

Good move in my view…well done Dean.

Getting more professional by the week. Good to see.

The more Keates does, the more I love him. It shows how out of touch Whitney was with having no scouts and giving transfer targets stupid money.

Come on guys,give the club a break…Ron Jukes has only just retired,it takes a while to find a replacement…:grin::rofl:.

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More and more it looks like Keates played hardball when the club came knocking. It appears he didn’t just say “Yes, I’ll take the job” but more along the lines of “Yes, I want the job but won’t do it if I’ve got to work with one hand tied behind my back. I want to be able to identify preferred targets and get them signed up early. I also want a certain level of scouting network”. If so, I salute that man!

I will give credit to Dean for these changes in policy but won’t give the club much credit. It is something that a professional club should’ve been doing anyway.


Another step in the right direction it looks like Keats knows what he wants and is going to follow it through.

Fantastic the way we are moving forward, just a shame it’s still with Bonser in charge :worried:

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Agreed. An embarrassment we didn’t have a scouting network. An over reliance on our youth system almost saw us in League Two. Good kids and quality steals. That’s what we needeth. Plus, isn’t it amateurish not to watch our upcoming opposition?

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About bloomin time, well done DK, showing a degree of professionalism that has been missing for so long.
A striker AND a scout, gee, times they are a changing, pity we still have scrooge at the helm probably holding back any real improvement as a football team…However the Venue at Birmingham is still doing well.

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Presuming it’s the same guy, looks like he left Crewe back in March.

The club would hire/pay a scout a one off fee to watch a particular game for us if needed, i.e. watch upcoming opposition. Funnily enough Darren Wrack used to help Walsall out doing that going back a couple of years.