Choice of captain - White

Clearly the right call as we won but I’d love to know the logic behind it

Has always struck me as an indecisive plodder - just about at his level in the lower half of league two - his demeanour and body language has never screamed out leader to me

Guess he must be one of the key men behind the scenes to land the role

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I found this decision abit puzzling to be honest. The obvious choice in my eyes is kinsella, he leads by example. Maybe hes not vocal enough.

Exactly that, I would imagine.

Hopefully Flynn can add more to Kinsella’s game. I imagine Kins is quite a Flynn kind of character and player - so hopefully he can start supplementing his game with a bit more in the opposing half - or improving his showing for the ball and playing forward.

As I’ve said many times before, I think Kins ultimate issue (and this is something that can absolutely be worked upon ) is that he’s neither a holding midfielder, nor someone who is more box to box - he’s sort of somewhere in between. If a manager can get him to be either a bit better on the ball and start transitions more, or get him up the field breaking lines and setting up transitions further up… then he will be a very good player at this level and beyond.

I would be more than happy for him to improve and be in a promotion chasing side - because if we want to be a top end of the table side, Kins will have to bring a little more to his game. He’s still got the time, which is the important thing - and his best years are still ahead of him. Which is also very positive. I also think he works better in a 3, so that’s in his favour too.

He’s also (before I get jumped on by the obvious) far, far, far from our biggest problem - and has been one of the stand out performers this season / but like last season, that’s not exactly too difficult. My comments above relate to pursuing promotion and playing in league one - just to be clear.

Back to the original point, I think White must have a voice in the changing to be given that honour yesterday. Can’t really see any other reason. Labadie will remain skipper and come back in you would think…


I disagree, i think Kinsella is already a very good player at this level. Dont know if you have your blinkers on, but i actually think this season kinsella has improved massively on his game, you can see hes alot more confident on the ball he will drive forward with the ball. You can see him picking better passes out rather choosing the easiest pass which would normally be backwards. Its just a shame the rest of the team have just decided to turn up and start putting in performances that match Kinsellas.


I don’t get it to be honest. White played well yesterday but he’s been largely awful and doesn’t seem influential on the pitch.

It’s easy to look at the win and go yeah, all decisions were right, but I saw no reason to take the armband off Kinsella after the week before. Bit of a slap in the face I’d imagine considering how hard he’s worked for it. He will always have his detractors, because it doesn’t seem to matter how many times he does his job perfectly and proves he’s our most effective midfielder, if not player, but that’s just boring at this point. Didn’t deserve to only have the armband for one game.

Not for me. I see it as it is - not with rose-tinted tackling spectacles.


I think that’s fairly balanced.

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Everyone “sees it as it is” from their own perspective. Yow should know that.


I think your spectacles are blinkered to be honest. Just my opinion, nothing personal.

See my above edit.

Just balanced :smile:

Could you explain what bit of the above post is blinkered please.

this bit.
You obviously haven’t realised that he has been doing what tayor told him to do. Just as in the last couple of games he has, when the moment is right, been on the edge of the penalty area when we are in scoring positions. He’s waiting for the rebounds just as a midfielder should.

If being vocal is constantly bitching at the ref then give it Labadie still. Haven’t seen a lot from him leading the team and showing encouragement mind.

I wasn’t there yesterday - so can’t comment.

I’m just going on what I’ve seen for the last 5/6 seasons. More than happy to see the improvement of what you say is true.

I don’t think comparing 6 years versus 1 week is worthy of being ‘blinkered’ though. Just honest and balanced.

Again, Labadie has been the biggest disappointment for me this season. Let’s hope Flynn can sort him out and get him to be the player we thought he was.


I must admit that White would never have been my first choice as a captain- I would have picked 6 players from yesterdays team before I’d have picked him.
Maybe Flynn is one of those managers who wants 11 “captains” on the pitch but just chooses a different one every week just to share around the duties and formalities that the role brings with it.

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I don’t think he has been awful at all. I suspect he was made captain because Flynn thought he was a good influence in the dressing room.

I hope that Flynn does not have Labadie as captain and asks him to earn a place in the team. If we are playing 3-5-2, I cannot see a place for Labadie unless he plays the role that Osadebe played yesterday and he has not shown yet that he is capable of that.

As to the players taking a hard look at themselves, they should always reflect on their performance but it does seem that they were frustrated at the way they were being asked to play. Yesterday, having 2 up front made a huge difference and Osadebe was close to Miller and Wilkinson too.


None of us know what the personalities are like in the dressing room. And none of us know what a particular manager looks for in their captain. I’ll trust flynn’s decision in this regard, although maybe it was influenced by sadler?

With regard to Kinsella, some might just look for example on the pitch, in which case he is the obvious choice, but i suspect he is quite a quiet character and, therefore, not necessarily ideal for the role. A properly performing Labadie would be different, as long as he keeps silly bookings in check. He’s always on at the referees anyway, so it makes some sense to say he’s allowed to because he is captain.


I honestly don’t know how you can come to any other conclusion. Much improved yesterday but slow and ponderous in defence and bambi on ice coming forward.

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White as captain and Shade as a wing back are two things nobody other than Flynn saw and it really is genius level management.

I’m not getting too carried away though the new manager bounce isn’t a new phenomenon and we all know this set have bad performance levels in them which will rear it’s ugly head at some point that’s a fact.

But I will go on record to say that Flynn will take us to a playoff final in his reign.The appointment is an excellent one it’s exactly what will get you in and around the areas of the league we need to be but more importantly it’s the kind of appointment that’s way way overdue and we’ve all been put through hell for far too long before it.

Flynns unity will only come from me when this current bunch are out of the building.I’ll support the lads and give him and his team most of myself but I won’t be giving all of myself until the boardroom changes around,these two wins change nothing for me as regards my feelings towards the board.

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Absolutely 100% nailed it there Thermos,
People get too emotional about Kinsella just because he puts his body on the line because for years that’s all he’s got.

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