Choosing a Group Name


Afternoon all,

We’re very close to launching the campaign website and social media channels, but we still need a name for the group to operate under.

‘Luton Bournemouth Rotherham’ (LBR) is a bit of a mouthful and doesn’t lend itself to use online or in print, so we need something sharp and punchy, preferably with a three or four letter acronym - ‘Save Our Saddlers’ (SOS) etc.

All suggestions welcome and then we can put it to a poll.

Thanks, Simon


I really like SOS (Save Our Saddlers)

To the point and meaningful.


Swift Young Casuals (SYC)


So do I - instantly recognisable and apt…


Bit naff for me and a bit predictable.

A bit like an action group set up to prevent your local library from closing

“What do we want / when do we want it” blah blah

Just my opinion



SFFS Campaign

Saddlers Fans Fresh Start Campaign


SAS - Saddlers Against Stagnation


I prefer this to SOS, it’s more relevant to the issues at hand.


‘Future Focused Saddlers’ - FFS

‘Saddlers not Suffolk’


SAD - Saddlers Against Decline


SOS is awful; tired, predictable & cheesy lol.

But we did have to start somewhere I guess.

Walsall FC Pension Protest



Describes the mood perfectly.


SAD is perfect.

That how I’m feeling reading this forum. Sums everything up about our club.


Cheer up mate :joy:


I retract my support for SOS :zipper_mouth_face:

I’m happy with SAD - :thinking:



Walsall - The Future


Sad is good


I like SAD


I love lamp.


Fits in as well with the club nickname being SADdlers.