Choosing a Group Name


Lol mate they are already registered an known by others as the walsall hooligan firm swift young casuals always outnumbered never outgunned :stuck_out_tongue::facepunch:




Going with ‘Walsall Supporters for Change’ (WSC).

Thanks for all suggestions, even the naughty ones :joy:


When Saturday Comes will like it. (The magazine, not the dodgy Sean Bean film).


A nice connotation with Winston Spencer Churchill … :wink:


Did think of this, but don’t mind the link given their status as an independent, non-establishment, supporters publication. Hopefully we’ll make an edition one day soon!


"We shall fight Bonser on the beaches (when we play Blackpool). We will never,ever ,surrender. "


Does Tom still write for them?


He does.


Doesn’t sound right to me,but if that’s what’s been chosen,so be it.


Unfortunately it’s very difficult to please everyone on stuff like this, Sid.


Yes I know mate…it just doesn’t roll off the tongue for me.


Good stuff. Can we get Joe Masi to mention it’s formation? Would be good publicity and he trusts UTS I think.


Watch this space.


I looked at ISSA as a spin out of WFHYS and asked a question a few days ago on their aims and membership costs etc. To be fair got replies quickly but seemed to be saying that “Regime Change” wasn’t on Agenda. Replies and Statements full of spelling errors and incorrect grammar though. I mentioned that was not a good sign of professionalism but he didn’t respond but I see someone else has today said the same thing that has drawn a sort of response from them.
I say all this merely to highlight that someone externally might get confused as to thinking we are the same Group which might be a shame.
WFHYS states over 2300 “members”. How do we best tap in to this grouping is the question perhaps.
Thanks for all you and others have done so far. I have only just rejoined the Board but was a member on the previous Board.
60 years of me personally supporting WFC as part of an extended family supporting the club for much longer with my Grandad having played for the club briefly in the early 1900’s. Have worked hard to get my grandkids as supporters but as many now say the time is now to seek Regime Change as enough is enough.


There’s regular links to UTS stuff on there. Guess the WSC team will arrange posts. It’s free. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: