Chris Dunn: what’s the point?


I know that he was ill today but at a time when the club really need experience and the young keeper is clearly struggling, how can we have a team where there are so many passengers? We have about ten youngsters under contract that are nowhere near the first team, players like Leahy who is clearly not going to be at the club next season and Jarvis posting pictures of his new land rover on Twitter. Along with his mate Martin, the club have become an absolute shambles since these crocks took money out of the club. I struggle to understand how the club can’t see such glaring errors in the first team squad. I hope that there is something in Keates’ contract to mean he walks away if we go down but I genuinely don’t understand how so many players seem to get away with stealing a living and effectively taking the ****.



Two players for every position. I know it can sound little bit stupid, regarding when we are playing, budget limitations and similar things, but that wasn’t my idea.



Was brought in to be nothing but a back up for Roberts and was a much cheaper option than Gillespie. With Roberts playing so poor this season, him not having a better number two means he’s first on the team sheet every week. For next season we need to bring in a number one keeper with Roberts as back up.