Chris Hussey Retires

We do, he’s doing another job.

But regardless of reason he’s still left the club in the shit, without a backwards glance. Try reading it.

Looked a bit ropey to me when he did play i hope we aren’t relying on young Dave too much any decent free agents out there ?

Literally says it’s to further his career elsewhere in his statement

What sort of career opportunity wouldn’t expect you to work 3 month notice period?
Club can’t really keep a player who is desperate to move on but not waiting until January is piss poor from Hussey.
Actually think this leaves us in a bit of difficulty.
Sadler won’t abandon a back 3and we don’t have a left sided centre half with any experience


he can go f**k himself for doing that, not like with Peter Clarke when he had genuine reasons. Genuine reasons is one thing it’s understandable. But to basically pursue something else is shitty. Good riddance he looked past it anyway

We should now be looking at Debrah, unattached, needs a club and was great for Halifax

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Despite his good showing at Salford does McCentee move to defense and Griffiths takes the midfield place. Not sure McCentee is left side capable either?

We really do need to move away from this type of signing, no more pre retirement handouts.


Should’ve waited a year until the club said we don’t give a shit about you, bye :rofl:


Usual tripe on here.

Firstly, this is a player who was almost certainly in his last year of playing and who, seemingly, has suddenly been offered an opportunity for his post playing career which he felt he had to take. Of course that makes sense and anyone reasonable would understand that, from his perspective.

Secondly, for anyone suggesting he should have stayed and honoured his contract, I don’t think you understand the level of both physical and mental commitment it takes to play even at League Two level. If he’d turned down the opportunity he was offered or we’d insisted he honour his contract, we’d have seen a fraction of the player we had seen because he wouldn’t be 100% there. And do you not think that this has already been discussed between player and club? And thus the club has understood the situation and given their full blessing to his contract being ripped up and him leaving.

Thirdly, in view of the situation, do we need to very much thank Hussey for everything he’s done and tell him he’s always welcome down at the Bescot? Nope, not at all! He’s left us in the lurch a little, after only a couple of months of the season. There’s no reason for any lasting relationship between the fans and him.


Maybe Sadler and Partridge now becomes



Ultimately a fairly crap player - who’s legs were due to go if they hadn’t already from what I’ve seen - has left the club so I’ll take that.

From his point of view, if he’s been offered a good opportunity for himself and his family after he hangs his boots up then he’s always going to pursue it.

Win , win for both parties.

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Tbf sadler can fill in at lcb himself
His the right age at this club to be a total failure as a player

Hussey , Clarke, Tomlin , Guthrie , Williams , Jarvis, Liddle etc etc

Thai so why we shouldn’t sign older players in league 2 . It just don’t work, they don’t trust wanna be here, most dont even bother to try stay fir and there made of glass

My time at Walsall has been short but I have learnt a lot in that short time.
What does that mean ?

Oh no, don’t , please. We’ll get all of the usual suspects telling us that this is a coded message for him realising how useless Sadler is and how Gamble and Mole are the cause of his red card and how Pomlett is still pulling the strings etc etc.



We do seem to be very ignorant of the point at which players are at in their career. Clearly Hussey’s heart wasn’t in it - why didn’t our data analysts know that?

[quote=“monkeydog, post:33, topic:10476”]
I have learnt a lot in that short time.
What does that mean ?
[/quote] people up here say feck off differently to we cockneys

Looked like he had a mistake in him on a regular basis so not arsed really. Clarke and now Hussey should make us think twice about these types of signings moving forward.


makes sense why Sadler was desperate for another centre back, on a positive note i think Taylor Allen will do well there

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That’s a genuine blow that. Looked pretty solid to me


This is a bit of a blow. I thought he looked fine when he played for us and would have been a good signing. I imagine Sadler knew before the transfer deadline but it does leave us short of left sided midfielders. Gordon may not be able to play on Saturday, too.

I think Sadler has to go with a back four or bring McEntee in the back three if that is the case.