Chris Marsh - Coventry Kit Man



Can’t help but feel a bit sorry for him. Perhaps missed the era where you could play 500 odd professional games and make a really decent living.


" My heart has alway’s been with Walsall but i have to look at the bigger picture Coventry have given me an opportunity , and Walsall never have …"

That just say’s it all , we know he’d rather be with us than them but never given the chance , good look to you Chris you’ve alway’s been a saddler and just because you’re wearing that ■■■■ on your chest we know where your heart is really . :+1:

" Here they’ve got top quality running through to Chaplin and Jonno up front … " Not Bakayoko then Chris :rofl:


Smashing lad, rang me up out of the blue one day a few years ago, he was boozing with one of my mates, promised me a signed book and pair of boots got the book but not the boots, told me he had lost everything through women and boozing, but that was the nature of the 80’s football players, glad he has got back into the game he is passionate about just a pitty it wasn’t with us :worried:


“told me he had lost everything through women and boozing”

I suppose he just wasted the rest of his money :smile:


… i remember seeing a woman run out of his house one night wearing a pair of football boot’s they must of been old Chunky’s ’ the one’s he’s on about …:athletic_shoe:


He should be washing our kit’s should’nt he mate , Coventry us Biological we just … diabolical


I was just wondering how much he was earning as a lorry driver? got to be around £300-£400 a week, so can football kit washers get more than that? or has he taken a drop in wages to get back into some sort of football roll.


He could of come back playing for us for less a week than that …just ask Osbourne


…for that sort of money here he’d be expected to be on the bench , helping out with washing the kit’s and driving the Bus ( that is why he did his HGV to be honest ) …:rofl:


Seeing the 1999/2000 team photo in that Coventry link brought back good memories. Lots of familiar names but one who rarely has been mentioned since - Tony Barras and another whom I have no recollection of at all - Alfonzo Cartek. Anyone remember him?


Alfie Carter?


You could be right. Must be a typo on their website. Alfonzo Cartek sounds like what could have been a Paul Taylor signing from some 3rd division Eastern European club!!


Remember Alfie Carter having a decent spell in Wales with TNS.


Tony Barras is a legend - the original ‘Scourge of the Dingles.’


Why on earth do people feel sorry for ex footballers who have wasted their money on gambling…he got exactly what he deserved.As for him having to work as a kit man to earn a crust…join the club Marshy…none of us can buy food by living on memories.


I feel sorry for anyone who loses all of their money to gambling. Marsh is before my time but I presume a lot on here will have sympathy with Marshy due to his Walsall connection, his poor health and him appearing to be an all round nice bloke.


He said his loyalty’s are with Coventry tomorrow (we will pretend we believe you Judas :joy::joy::joy:)


I have read my post and i can’t see anywhere that i have stated he lost his money on gambling?


Was it Marshy who had that eaterie in Station Street ?