Chris Marsh - Coventry Kit Man


Ye i think it was


He did battered Marsh bars…


Think he also had a cafe in Netherton called “Bostin Baps” which he co-owned with Steve Bull.


He actually quote’s … women and boozing … but that combination is nearly as bad as gambling i suppose , especially the women … :smiley:


From what he was saying i think that was the killer :roll_eyes:


i guessed that especially when they nick the football boot’s he promised you :rofl::rofl:


I spoke to him last year at a football fundraiser in aldridge, and i reminded him of our conversation, not only could he not remember it he looked uncomfortable about me reminding him, he replied with “that must have been in my boozing days” :frowning_face:


sound’s like he gave you one of the famous step over’s there matey … :rofl:


Sorry mate,I got that wrong…but whether its booze,women or gambling a lot of footballers have been guilty of throwing a lot of fans hard earned money down the drain…then they expect the fans of the club they played for to feel sorry for them…not me.


He’s a big fat c**t and he works for Coventry
Chrisy Marsh
Chrisy Marsh


Many ,many years ago, UTS had a night out there. No reflection on the place when I say I don’t remember much about it.


Good night that was.


it was me actually that pointed that out for you Sid sorry :+1:


I don’t think he expects us to feel sorry for him, deep down he’ll know the mistakes he’s made. He may have had a damn good time and not regretted them but each to their own, it’s his life. I just remember him as one of my favourite players during the 90’s and wish him all the best.


Sean Connery likes those too…:grin:


Barry Cryer’s definition of mish-mash. What Sean Connery will do if he doesn’t hurry to church.


Chris Marsh Day must be how Sean Connery describes December 25th…


So how would he say he went to the see The Martian with Anthony Martial at the cinema?!!


I think the answer to that one will cause a UTS meltdown…:woozy_face::grin:…Its like trying to imagine where space ends…:grin:


Glad he’s the kit man not the sponge man.