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Ref Chris Nicholl

As you are aware we have been working on. Naming an area. Up at the railway club. In honour of. The gaffer Chris Nicholl

It is to be called the Chris Nicholl playing arena and will be a lasting tribute to the big guy. himself

The area itself will be home. To both the railway ( Issa football side ). And home to the Chris Nicholl academy run under the forest star banner

And this is where I now appeal for a bit of help if possible.

Is there a local company or individual amongst our membership who could help us fabricate and sponsor the said. Signage

We envisage. Sign being an arch shape. Which. Players / kids. Would walk underneath. As they entered the playing pitches. With the wording. Welcome to the Chris Nicholl. Playing arena.

if interested or. If you can be of any help. please PM me

We have already been gifted a qty. of seating from Ian and Wendy astbury of ic shipping And we plan to incorporate these into a Covered seating area in due course

Ian and Wendy also gifted us a. Shipping container which has already proved to be of great help. And has provided a secure place for. Both the adult side and forest star kids to store Training items

We are determined to turn what is already a great facility into an even better one. And in turn honour the gaffer himself. But as always at grass roots level. A helping hand is always welcomed

So if you do want to play a part in any way. No matter how big or small please get in touch

Again we would thank all of the railway club committee for allowing us to. Be able to do this tribute to Chris,

And to Steve hinks. For allowing us. the opportunity. For having the team play under the Issa banner and Seth and Russ. From forest star for allowing us to. Play a part. In one of the oldest kids football sides based in the borough of Walsall , and last but not least. Our membership and fans of Walsall FC. Who without your support we would not be able. To do what we do

As an organisation we REALY do appreciate the support we receive from you all And look forward to seeing this project to honour Chris continually improve over time