Chris Nicholl. Leaves walsall

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref Chris Nicholl,

It is with sadness that we announce with the full permission of the Nicholl family to do so

that Chris Nicholl has had to leave the Walsall area , and is now residing. Back in Southampton short term with his immediate family ,

This follows an incident on Thursday, which. Saw Chris. Suffer a particularly nasty. Incident due to his illness Finally getting the better of him and putting him in a very vulnerable position
( please do not ask for details as they will not be disclosed )

The family of Chris have sorted a more suitable. Level of care for him, That even tho secure, Will see him still be able to play his golf, It slo has its own leisure facilities, a cinema. And even a built in pub lol. , Everything Chris could ever require whilst in a fully safe and secure. Place, It’s actually like a quality hotel. So as said. A brilliant place for Chris

During the time. Issa. And the wider. Wfc fan base where looking out for and assisting Chris. Special bonds where formed. And both me. The Mrs Jane. And Dave josebury are greatly . Upset at him having to leave. Walsall, but fully understand the. Need for it being right for Chris, as his illness has took another step, and the current facility no longer met his needs

No matter how many journeys me Jane. And Dave josebury. Made to rescue him. ( and there where many lol ) No matter how many meals we supplied for him or the hours sat. Watching the golf and football. Or taking. Him to meet fans who adored him , it would never repay that night he gave us in bury, and he went from a guy who was hero worshiped to a truly special freind,

He never lost that quick witted banter, and it was a pleasure to be in his company And. Even tho he’s now returned to his. Family he will never be forgotten in Walsall

From all involved with the independent saddlers supporters association, we wish you nothing but the. Best. Gaffer, and we will be down to visit you as often as possible , you won’t get rid of us that easily big man

I’m sure every saddler echoes. Our thoughts and we thank each and everyone of you. Who ever contacted us to alert us at times Chris was lost and confused and to the many. Who gave him lifts home You Also played your part and should be proud of your input to looking. Out for a Walsall legend

I’m going to thank a few now. who also helped Issa out. Whilst looking out for the gaffer, they never courted publicity but it ,s only right they get credit for there actions And these are ex players of Walsall FC. So at the Risk of embarrassing them here goes.

A massive thank you to. Skip. Martin oconor , Darren wrack, Chris marsh, Stuart Ryder. Wayne Thomas, Kev Wilson, Jimmy walker. Scott houghton. You all stepped up when asked. And this is why you will always be legends. Of Walsall. FC

We must also thank all involved with Walsall football club who also. Played there part enduring whilst slowed. Before. Behind closed door games took place always ensured. Chris was looked after on match days

Special thank you to Dave josebury who also had a special bond with Chris. And spent many hours with him. And to my Mrs Jane who drove. To collect Chris on many occasions and became his. Chief cook and taxi driver lol, And last but not least Micky Evans. Who dropped everything on Thursday and took Chris home to Southampton on Thursday. When Chris was at a particular bad place with his illness , And also Paul cooper who also provided. Many an emergency lift.

So gaffer from all, of us we wish you nothing but the best and hope your new place improves your golf handicap lol ( just dont let that wacka beat you lol

We will never forget you. And thank you for. That unforgettable night in bury it will never be forgotten. Either


It’s a horrible illness to have to deal with. Hope Chris has a settled time and can enjoy some good days.


I’m going to miss bumping into him on a regular basis and stopping to chat about football and his Walsall days, so much respect for him, he was always considerate and genuine, god bless you Chris, always in my thoughts, keep us updated DH on his condition.


Will do I will still be in touch with Chris and his family. On a regular basis and will be travelling to see him as often as possible

I think the CN scenario with Walsall FC is at the same time remarkable,ordinary, old fashioned, and lovely.
I think put all those “ingredients” together and that’s what’s this is all about, all that “stuff” its indomitable, and all the more reason why we can’t just give it up.

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As Jumbo says, dementia is a horrible illness. I hope Chris is happy in his new environment. Although he has left his “football family” here in Walsall, he will have his true family near to him now.