Chris Nicholll foundation set up

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Ref. Chris Nicholl ace foundation

It was with great pleasure that I today presented. Former saddler Wayne Thomas with a cheque for £900. On behalf of Issa

The money will be used to. Start up the Chris Nicholl foundation, which will be part of the ace academy set up , Wayne and his wife Clare who own. Ace academy. Will now use the said cash to put in place what will be a lasting. Tribute. To Wayne’s former manager Via the ace platform

Wherever Chris,s journey with his illness takes him there will now be two local grass root,s set ups. Carrying his name, so he will always have a lasting legacy within the bourough of Walsall, Because as you are aware a few weeks back. We also in conjunction with forest star. , launched the Chris Nicholl little stars, which saw forest star. , also receive £900 and get there own home at railway club,

I’m sure Wayne. Clare Seth and Russell from both ace and forest star respectively. Will do the big man proud, And just maybe we will see. One or more future saddlers emerging from two great set ups

Chris will actively be involved with both set ups moving forward and I’m sure his help and advice to the young footballers attending both ace and forest star will be a great help to all the kids starting there football journey

We at Issa are proud to have close links with both ace and forest star and it is an honour for all involved to have played a part. In honouring. The big guy himself , whilst giving something back to grass roots footballimage