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Ref. Christmas tree decorations

Right guys we have had a set of Christmas tree decs. Produced. It, comes as a pack of ten. , with two of each image shown in pic below, ( yes I know there’s only nine pictured. Guess who trod on one. Lol )

They would be £35 per set and would be done on a pre order basis with a guaranteed delivery within 21 days from point of order

I know £35 does seem a lot of money but given there’s ten to a set , and the work that goes into each one, and the fact they can be re used for many years, As long as you don’t do what I did and tread on one. , they are a particular nice. Item. That would grace any saddler fans Christmas tree this year,

If you would seriously want a set please. Let me know in the comments box below and if enough interest I will put up on our shop for pre order only. , if enough interest is shown ,

As said. We know these won’t be for everyone. Due to price. But I’m sure there’s many who will want them also. So if you do let us know.

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Very pricey. would have considered it for 10 to 15 quid

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Totally understand mate and as said not for everyone. , but for a set of ten. On par with many custom design. Bauble available. Albeit without the Walsall theme