Christmas gifts. Launch

Independent saddlers supporters association

Looking for the perfect gift for. A saddler for Christmas, Head over to our online shop and browse our new stock

Issa have brought back to life. The iconic sandy saddler. Mascot, and he features in some of the new merchandise, ,

Glassware, pin badges , mugs. And a very nice new design scarf, alongside a REALY nice calendar are the first offerings. From our new range and all at affordable prices

Also later today our new range of leisurewear. With a wfc theme will be launched

So use the link below snd head over to. Our online store to secure your items whilst stocks last

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Thanks heavens we ended up with Swifty as a mascot. Sandy was almost as bad as Billy Bescot.


As a mascot I agree, I think it looks really good on the badge though, and is a nice link back in our history. I will be buying one for sure.

Thought you would have enjoyed a nice. Malt, from a sandy saddler tumbler exile


Billy Bescot coasters next, OK?

Do them in leather.

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Did you think about doing a proper wool Christmas jumper?

Not like the clubs training top with a snowflake poor effort last year. But more of a retro style woolly one with swift logos, footballs etc knitted in. Could work in our green, white and red colours very easily.

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Bloody hell those jumpers where awful last year cheap and nasty a fruit of the loom sweatshirt with a snowflake printed on it

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It was even more cheap. An Errea training top with the snowflake logo on it.

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Love the tankard ! Will order one when I get home :money_mouth_face:

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