Christmas Message from ISSA

Shared on behalf of myself and the committee. Happy Christmas, all!


Merry Christmas Olly. ISSA has had a fantastic year and done so much for the club and region. From the bar, to feeding NHS workers. Lets hope 2021 is eventually a better year, I’ll be sure to pop into the Railway pre-game.


Impressive stuff. Well done.

When we are back, be good to come to The Railway for a pre match pint.

Maybe with all the people I’ve also said “when we’re back, be good to grab a pre match pint”. It’s a fairly long list!


Thanks dan. Always welcome down the railway mate. You know that

Happy Christmas to you and your family mate

Yes mate would be good to see you ion railway, we lay on transport to get fans to ground. Or those who want last few pints in stadium suite before kick off. So no problem getting to stadium,

As long as you haven’t offered to buy said pints you should be ok :grin:

Merry xmas to you and your family Dave, and congratulations for all yours and ISSA’s achievements to date, very commendable :clap: :clap:

Merry Christmas to all. See you in 2021

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Honestly pal sat here right now, to get out, go to the boozer and then watch Walsall I think I’d happily by the beer!


And i would go halves with ya :grin:

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No halves we’re only having pints!


Same to you pal. Hope you have a good one

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Well done Captain Olly and definitely Jane and the rest of the team fantastic effort. With all that’s happened this year personal losses and to still do what you’ve done FANTASTIC :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:.
Hope you have a good un and when this is over i feel a party coming on down the railway, all the best for next year, and may all your efforts continue in doing good for the community and club.


Thanks for the kind words. , and yes. As soon as allowed. Party time in railway.

Don’t know if you have heard mate but Alan’s wife passed away. A few days ago. This year has certainly brought its fair share of sorrow

No i didn’t know mate, it certainly as been a year and half.

Happy Christmas to you Olly and all at ISSA and thank you for all you do.

Put me down for first coach back - I don’t care where or when, I’ll be there.

Will do pal, hope you have a great Christmas

Same to you rob hope you and yours have a great Christmas. ,

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Well done Dave and Jane and the rest of the guys at ISSA. A fantastic year. Best of luck for all that you are planning for 2021.