‘Circuitbreaker’ for football

Discussions supposedly ongoing that would see football end until January 9th.

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I think the number of cases prove that football isn’t Covid secure.

I’ll miss it but it might well be for the best.


Sorry I think the football is very important for people’s well-being and from a probably selfish point of view
I appreciate that there has and will be cases of covid19 in the club’s , however it seems that the the severity has thankfully been minimal , I would imagine that even clubs at our level are being checked a lot more than the general public , and of course they all appear to recover in double quick time .
I suppose It’s a balancing act risk against reward .
Having said all that obviously I could understand and accept if it is postponed .

It would be nice if we can watch a bit of footie over Christmas


Nope, there is no testing program, definitely not in League One and Two. They’ve not been tested as a football club since before the season started.

Surely the club’s must be self testing then ? Hence games being called off

Nope Clubs can’t afford it mate.

If the club’s can’t afford it surely the PFA or EFL should be funding it .
It’s a strange one because the way players of all clubs are jumping all over each other and hugging each other when they score I assumed they must believe that they are clear .

No remember back to the Orient v Spurs game, I think Covid was only discovered because Spurs funded some testing.

So every game the players are blatantly ignoring advice in full view of everyone , strange .

For the whole squad and coaching staff to be tested at Walsall would cost about £12k a month if done once a week.

This is the reason the season was suspended and ended last time out because clubs couldn’t afford that. Hence why they’re playing now without testing like that.

Then again the subs sit 2 / 3 yards apart then as I say when they come on they are all over each other. Really strange

Basically yes.

Like I say , not disagreeing , but don’t you find it strange ?

Not really as it’s one rule for one, and one rule for another.

That’s not really the point

Sorry don’t want a heated discussion it was just a observation

Genuinely mate I wasn’t following :joy::joy: no heated debate here :+1:t2:

No worries :+1:

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I assume it’s because they’re counting the club as a bubble.

Like here the schools have each year group as a bubble, then if one student tests positive the whole bubble has to isolate for 2 weeks.