Clarke In

DC giving the officials a piece of his mind with ‘Happiness’ playing in the background was well worth £10.:joy::joy:

More of this please


We can’t sack him yet, we’ve barely had time to have a pint with his decal in the Bescot Bar…

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The club might start taking notice if people stop buying I follow to watch that utter dross every week saying this I’ll still probably do it myself :joy:


Its a real modecom of how bad things are really for me personally. I’ve gone from travelling all over the country to watch the likes of Merson’s teams to be now be questioning my own sanity If I can’t find anything better to do, living in a disuesd North-East seaside town on a winters Tuesday night, during a national lockdown, than spend a tenner to watch us in my own house :joy:

I’m not doing it.

Finn Harps was 10 times better on Friday, half the money, and I got it working on the tele which I never can with i follow.