Clarke on Sky

I haven’t seen this posted anywhere - but found an interview with D.C. buried away on SSN’s website today.

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A very interesting read. I am quite impressed by DC but I can imagine there are those who aren’t.

Slightly different take on the same interview

Yeah I thought the same. I especially liked the bit about learning from past mistakes in the transfer market.

The reporter is surmising,there’s no direct quote from DC about how many injuries and how serious they are.

Did you mean that reply for my other post on the Portsmouth thread instead of this one? If so, it was you talking about training that I was linking to what he says in that article - otherwise I’m not sure what your point is?

Erm,yes? I’m a very confused old-ish man…:laughing:

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:grinning: When I was a lad … :older_man:

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Yes a very impressive interview. I have had my doubts about him but am beginning to think I was wrong.

Read my mind…

Am i fickle or just starting too see change, and a hungry manager making that team even more hungry too keep improving

My Ad blocker stopped 71 Ads on that page :rofl:

Only 71? Times must be hard.

So good to see how straight talking he is

I think if the s*it was to hit the fan, he would hold no bones about it and not hold back on being vocal

Couldn’t have seen it working under Bonser. He’s gotta have known Pomlett was coming in 100%

Pomlett appointed him mate.

Makes sense Gav - would have been a trainwreck under Bonser lol

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