Clarke/Pomlett quotes on January

On the surface it’s obvious their won’t be wholesale changes in January, nobody does that. But I couldn’t help feeling quite worried when I read this particular quote:

“I’ve played my budget very well" - Darrell Clarke

Sorry, what? Either your telling the truth and you have a National League budget or you think 21st in November is acceptable.

Well these three are absolutely not the problem for a start off.
They done more to earn better deals than a number of other players that the budget has been ■■■■■■■ on ‘very well’.

Just read the E&S article in my opinion it’s very worrying , he says he’s kept a good amount of money back , but surely it would have made more sense to bring in better players in the first place.
It makes no sense .


So all these after match rants about transfer listing them all in January are just a load of bull, I genuinely cannot see any difference between the way Clarke and Witney managed.
I jumped on the bandwagon and got a reopened early bird season ticket but I am close to saying stuff it I am not going anymore even though I have got my season ticket, I cant see anyway the club as improved, I was so upbeat at the start of the season like an idiot I even put money on us to go up


Walsall’s wage budget is in the top 8 in League Two, this season (from an extremely reliable source who must remain anonymous).


That surprises me only slightly. I would have expected us to be around midway. So for you to confirm where we stand makes it even worse that the manager has completely wasted the resources at his disposal. His words about January and his use of the budget so far don’t fill me with much hope either, I’m sorry to say.

If there is a decent pot of money left then “thank ■■■■ for that” would be my reaction.

As it is you saying it, I’m happy to believe it :+1:

A decent wedge of that is probably on sinclair and Clarke i would guess, as he wanted to build a solid spine. I just wish he would stop tinkering with the back line and play Clarke at centre back consistently as he looks better there than full back imo.

Which makes the gap between clubs in this league even more startling if you think DC has said clubs like Mansfield and Salford have 3 times our budget. Just shows the gulf in finance even this far down.

I think DC will be gone before January imo

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At least our “win bonus” budget should be competitive.

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I doubt it! Pomlett knows this re-build is a long term project, Clarke’s in it for the long haul.

So if we have got a good chunk of cash left for January do we trust Clarke with it … at the moment I would have to say no !


Admittedly I have only been at 3 games so far (though listened to commentary on rest) but in the first half at Orient when Macdonald got the ball at least I felt something exciting might happen. I cannot understand why he is not featuring and I would certainly extend his contract.