Club 1888 issue

Just tried to purchase 5 club 1888 tickets for my family today and got told it’s an exclusive club and need to be a member. Now I understand the thinking behind that to a point but as we explained to the ticket office manager we had 3 of these season tickets ( previously Swift executive) from the year the stadium was built right up to a year before covid. Family circumstances such as illness and having 2 babies meant they were put on hold till now. I’m looking to renew my club 1888 season ticket but wanted to have a tickets for today as have family over from America.
How can the club turn away this extra income and also be so short sighted .
Yes it’s exclusive but from past experience it’s also exclusively half empty !!! Guess nothing changes at our football club !!
Am I in the wrong or have a valid point ??

who did you speak to? was it the ticket office? if you haven’t already I’d try and speak to adam brearley (last name is probably spelt wrong there but don’t have it to hand) he’s usually very good for the 1888 club

Hi yes I have a telephone meeting with him on Monday . Apparently he isn’t available today . Another point is what if someone liked the look of the 1888 but wanted to do a match day to see if it suits but can’t ? Seems wrong to me .

Ah that’s a shame maybe Kiera if you haven’t spoken to them. I agree this always seem to happen at the start of the season for the 1888 where they try and make it really exclusive but that usually gets abandoned a game or two in. it’s because a vocal minority complain that the club should be exclusive, the room is much better when full imo

ask if they need a name and just quote mine I’ll DM you and say you’re coming as my guests haha

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I would say perfectly valid , all I would say is if it had been possible I may have made contact earlier

Thanks for the offer of help but we got tickets in the main stand for today. The US part of the family very excited. I know they’ll learn the hard way :joy:


Welcome back chopper after your 2 years peace and quiet x

You should have just said that you are part of Dan Mole’s group. He has dozens of his mob in there.

Are Stanley and Pammy members?