Club captain

Gonna be interesting who Taylor chooses! A wealth of experience in this squad with players who have been leaders previous.
Nice decision to have

Has to be Ward doesn’t it surely nobody in this squad can touch what he’s experienced in his career and the levels he’s played at.I’d say part of the deal was that he’d be club captain.

Could be anyone :sweat_smile:

Nice to see we now have several experienced leaders that want to play for the manager.

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There’s so much leadership in that side, up until yesterday I was saying Labadie but but would have to give it Ward now. Been there and done it all.


Ash Taylor, Ward, Labadie - take your pick.

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As a long shot, Kinsella? Another aspect of captaincy is that the responsibility can develop the player. I could see him benefitting.

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Got to be lad from Newport

I would imagine it will be Ward with the experience he has no one else comes close to that. Having several leaders on the pitch is a real positive with or without the armband. Something we have been lacking for a long time now and should serve us well.


I don’t see Kinsella being a regular.

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Ash Taylor for me. Can’t see Ward playing week in week out, and central defence is a great position to lead the troops. It doesn’t really matter though, as we want to build a team ethic, so I’d be happy with any of them as skipper personally.

Ladabe would be my guess.

Will be Lobotomy I reckon

Abudhabi is my guess

Take your pick!

Surely not Michael Miles :joy:

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I personally think it will be announced as Labadie, Ward or Taylor.

I’m not sure Ward’s been a captain at his previous clubs? Probably more one who’d prefer just getting on with the task rather than continually encouraging teammates.

Got a feeling it will be Ash Taylor, I assume he’s been captain at other clubs.

I think it will be Labadie…

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Looking like it is Labadie then…

It would make sense with him reaching the playoffs a couple of times in his time at Newport.I’d say his knowledge of league two football and how to reach the playoffs outweighs most of the team just my opinion of course.

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