Club looking for Head of Academy Football Science & Medicine

That salary looks pretty crap for what they’re expecting! :roll_eyes:

I’m on more than that and I’m just an admin working in an office, not even management. :rofl:

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Wonder if Whitney needs a job? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He might not actually be the worst fit for that job. Like anyone else,I can’t see he be interested in selling his skills so cheaply. He could make that in private practice as a specialist sports physio, without the politics.

■■■■ pot wage at a ■■■■ pot club.


For that line of work that’s a shocking salary. Tin pot.


To be fair if it is only to work with the academy and not even the U teams and senior team then I get that salary.

Really el nombré?

Have you seen the things that they’re asking for in the job description? They want someone with a degree and experience as well as being a manager.

A quick google reveals the average wage of a physiotherapist is £27-28k.

I’m sure we’ll get what we pay for.


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Classic case of compensating the individual with a grand title.

Does the YTS scheme still exist

Point being if it is ONLY working with the academy players it’s probably not even 37.5 hours a week.

I might have it wrong though. If it includes the youth teams then yeah it seems cheap.

I see today, this job vacancy has been posted again on the official site. They’ve changed the job title but are still offering the bare minimum in wages. :roll_eyes:

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The one job you’ll never see advertised is that of club landlord.

Salary, £1000+ per day.

Job description, lounging around in a Cypriot villa. Skills, must be able to use a powerboat.