Club Shop Closed - Crystal Palace Game

Just seen the official page has said the club shop is closed tomorrow due to staff having to self isolate.

Hopefully they’ve put something in place for anyone wanting to buy the gift cards to use at the cashless kiosks considering they were going to be sold from the shop. :thinking:

Window 5 of the ticket office is the new place to go.

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Does this mean I can’t go to the game today as I called in at the shop yesterday?

My dad was told it would be shut today while he was in there yesterday so think it’s someone rota’d to be in today only.

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I find it strange that the club choose to keep the Shop closed rather than open it to potentially generate revenue, especially on match days.
There must surely be at least one surplus member of staff that could be made available to manage it on a short term basis, or does the place have to be isolated/fumigated/washed down with 10 gallons of Domestos, before a non-retail member of staff can enter?

The problem being they probably have cover from the ticket office normally …. and they’re already overwhelmed as it is.

Yes you may well be right, but if I was in charge I would be making sure that both were functioning. It might even have been an opportunity for the Chairman to have operated the tills for a few days and the novelty may have attracted additional business! Or possibly not. Or is he in a pandemic/epidemic bubble or suchlike? I appreciate my point might be trivial, or is the whole business rife with whatever is causing the self-isolation?

Had an email today to say my shirt is ready to collect but the shop will not be open until Monday

Would love to order 2, being trying for weeks.