Club Shop Refurbishment

Looks like the club shop is getting a makeover.

Before someone else says it - maybe they ought to get whoever is doing this refurb in just over a week to do the Saddlers Club as well. :joy:


Lining the walls in hi-vis drawstring bags I hear


As long this isn’t the end result, I’m sure we’ll be fine:

Would have been better doing this a month ago before we started playing games and the new kit was launched.

Of you look on twitter there is an artists impression of the new works, for non twitteroonies here it is


Class can i pinch it mate :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Knock your self out mate

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“Come and get yer drawstring bags”

Cheers that will be in my head all night now.


You and me both… The corned beef reprise was missing off the video !!

Heres the full version

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I forgot that was the same part, i thought they were separate episodes for some reason :rofl:

Thanks, the Corned Beef will now also be in my head all night.

@BornASaddler please do a calendar (I’d be happy to provide creative input) for 2024, you’re a genius & id purchase

When I was in the shop before yesterday’s game picking up my new home top, I noticed they are selling something labelled “technical socks”. What the hell are those when they’re at home? How can a sock be technical - do they pull themselves up or something? :thinking:


Modern parlance for a prophylactic.

“Improve your skills in the box; with Walsall FC technical socks!” - brought to you by Mole Industries inc.


With walking/outdoor clothes they usually describe clothing items as technical when they’re made of material that’s designed to wick sweat away and keep you comfortable.
The material is usually fast drying too.

I prefer @SubstanceD’s explanation. :laughing:


Yeah, it’s a modern thing, to distinguish them from leisurewear. Usually better materials, often a compression element, and sometimes shaped and labelled for left or right feet (handy for some players anyway, that).

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We would probably have been better employing THOSE instead of MF :laughing:

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Reopening has been put back a day…

The bloke who was supposed to put the extra hooks on the wall for hanging the Hi- Vis bags was off sick today …