Club Shop Refurbishment

In the first week of august ? Come off it. They must order 5 at a time :joy:


The new club shop & website are far better than they were a year ago tbh, plus some of the new stuff on sale is ok.

Still a massive opportunity missed though, the club definately need to employ someone who knows retail & who takes pride in it though. Too many inconsistencies & silly price points, out of stock’s etc… this is basic retail.


Sounds like one of Dan Moles areas of expertise.


It don’t help when they make experienced staff redundant and replace with young inexperienced kids i suppose

Just annoys me the simple retail basics not being deployed:

• Stock & size availability
• Silly price points
• Different types of photography/imagery
• Poor descriptions
• Clunky website
• Tat
• Etc….

Credit to the club for improvements, it’s better than it was. But still not where it should be. Plus a lot of merch is cack.

What’s annoying it’s quite simple to sort.

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Have faith!

If anyone can get two different sizes of a football shirt in stock on the same day its Mr Mole.


Traditionally businesses order stock in, sell as many as they can at a premium, and anything left they either sell at a smaller profit, or cost, either way they never lose :wink:


Pretty much what i was trying to say earlier on the thread mucka :+1:

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Not really to do with the club shop but sort of merch and didn’t want to start a new threat for this but my my mother is having a clear out and putting things to sell online.

She has a mens Walsall FC coat and fleece from 2006 season (i think, may be a bit earlier) for sale for a tenner if anyone is interested, DM me. Coat is a small, fleece is a large.

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A heads up the club shop is opening this very Saturday with some fabulous offers for all Saddlers.

We can confirm that the Club Shop at the Poundland Bescot Stadium will open on Saturday 18th May from 11am until 4pm.

Our Mega Clearance Sale continues with huge price reductions in place and EVERYTHING MUST NOW GO!

The Mega Gigantic Clearance Sale is available in store and online but supporters can take advantage of a further 10% discount on top when buying in-store!

Head down to the Club Shop to take advantage of these great offers!

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Only Walsall FC could put up a story about the shop without including a link to the shop online…


I went to collect an online order from the shop last Friday at 9:45 am only to be told by the receptionist that it was shut. I said that it would be useful to have that information on the website, as I couldn’t find the opening hours. I was told it only goes on Social media and not on the website. I said that I don’t do social media, so where does that leave me? No answer. Stefan Gamble skulked past twice without assisting.

Then a small group of employees came out and said it was open, then a discussion about well, was it open, then let’s phone the lady who works in there, no there’s no need she’s just pulling on to the car park.

Talk about disorganised, small things that shouldn’t be happening.


And was it open?

It did open, but the whole thing of people working there not knowing whether it would is comical.

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Hmmm…I’m in The UK from Thursday and might well pop down to see my old mom on Saturday. Probably pop in for a look.

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I’ve been a few times before at random times to collect tickets and it has been closed, and they have offered to send someone over to open it if I wanted to go in.

To be honest it needs better stock and also to be a lot bigger as you are so squashed trying to get round the shop it is ridiculous. I have seen people give up and go out.


Hmmm, I was told nobody else had keys…

Think I’d be tempted to move the club shop into the away supporter area in the Locker and try and upgrade the current away fans bar.

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