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Last Saturday prior to the match a friend went into the club shop hoping to buy a Walsall top for his seven year old nephew.He was told there were none in stock and we were awaiting a delivery.
On Monday being a floating supporter he went to Aston Villa’s club shop and bought a Villa top as the Christmas present.
This seems to me gross incompetence with the Christmas present buying season in full swing.


wanted a baby kit none in stock last time i checked.

Sure is.
Sums the whole shebang up dunnit?

Yes just a little snapshot but already two sales lost and who knows one future supporter.Someone should be out of a job to show we are trying to run a business and yet appear to have decision makers who would not be trusted to run a hot dog stall!

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And we all know who that should be do we not . . . . . . step forward the one and only, our beloved saviour, the one and only JB :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Must be the same person ordering them as they keep running out of the hotdog’s as well …:rofl:

I’m sure uncle Jeff will have his finger on the pulse, being the charismatic groundbreaking innovative forward thinking entrepreneur that he is!!! He probably still thinks that the ball has a lace!!!

That’s how he got started apparently …selling Hotdog’s from a converted van so you would of thought he’d at least get that sorted .

Let’s face it we were lucky , very lucky to get the player’s in we have at the moment , mostly un known gamble’s , non league etc etc but till the fortunate wind fall for Baka we wouldn’t have even had a team a week before the season started .

Another lucky deflection for the Chairman that bit of business was , NO AMBITION , JUST A BUSINESS USING A FOOTBALL CLUB AS A FRONT ’

Sorry i want to go and support Walsall , my team with the feeling we are trying to win thing’s , not just turn up , and pay for nothing but … at the very best ( as far as the Chairman is concerned a failed play off final , this would be the ultimate season for him )

I don’t ever expect to be winning the Championship on a regular basis as some of our local team’s demand , but i would certainly expect us to be showing a little more ambition than we do , and that’s why our Fan base will never increase , because we are little Walsall the selling club , the club that are happy just ticking over , the club with very little ambition …thank you very much.

And that mindset is now EXCEPTED

CMOT Bonser (with apologies to T Pratchett).

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some one could do that for him …:hocho: :wink: