Club Statement

:eyes: Announcement Soon :eyes:



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Let’s See :crossed_fingers:

Dam I hope your right x

Chris Turner - DofF?
David Kelly - added to coaching staff?

Could be correct then?

Didn’t you say we were signing Matty Taylor for 300k?

Just seen Martin ONeill driving past the Fulbrook.


I’ve just seen a powerful horse.

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I just had omelette for brekki, no sauce, just cheese.

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Put the club up for sale

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I asked my Chesterfield mate about Turner and he said

“red flag as regards to Chris Turner he’s an absolute crook who steals a wage”

I hope we steer clear.

That must be Jurgen Klopp’s brother…Klippety.


Probably to announce the early bird scheme.

No mention of a statement on the Site or Social Media Feeds

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Yeah, I would be seriously disillusioned if we appointed Christ Turner as our DoF. It’s supposed to be a position that drags this football club into the 21st century, not something for a failure at Chesterfield to inherit.

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If they appoint Christ Turner he might be the miracle worker we need… or we might crucify him

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21st century?

They’re trying to decide between Big Ron and Barry Fry as we speak.