Club survey

I can’t get past the first 2 questions. Nothing happens after that.

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I can get on Cats and was taking part well on passed question 2 , but then it goes on and on and on so deleted it .

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Completed it but it was bloody long.
Didn’t help that every so often it froze and wouldn’t go to the next screen.


I’ve tried on my husband’s phone and got a few pages in before it totally froze so I haven’t given up altogether.

God, that was hard work. So own up, which of you have been taking cocaine down at Bescot then? :grin:

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The J J Cale version of course.


So own up, which of you have been taking cocaine down at Bescot then? :grin:

Should of read , who needs to start … :joy:

Some of the questions were getting , I thought a little ridiculous / over the top so gave in .

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I was doing ok. Got as far as the questions about “is x more/less important than winning” and it froze. I refreshed the page and it’s taken me back to the start as though I was starting from scratch. What a shame the tech has let this down.

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If it freezes you just need to wait.
Sometimes it freezes for about 5 seconds before then just working, other times it can be 20-30 seconds. I considered just giving in a few times too.


Completed but it was a bit of a hard slog.

The cocaine question(s) were a bit out of left-field :smiley:


As he said
Need a stiff drink after that (I know, any excuse). Harder than sitting through some of our games over the past few seasons.

They were snow joke.

I wondered who the first person to crack would be.

It was always gonna be Charlie.

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It’ll blow over.

I wish you lot wouldnt horse around.

Was there a complete section on burnt sausage rolls Tone?

Way to long, page got stuck half way through and wouldn’t load, refresh page took me back to the start
Not doing that again

Gave up when it repeatedly froze! A reflection on the overall quality of the EFL administration?

I managed to complete it after about 20 minutes early this morning. I think it could have been shorter and still of value.