Colchester Tickets

Colchester’s pricing structure (based on how far in advance you buy the ticket) was already complicated enough, but they’ve now added another level of complexity on how you buy them. Obviously the old way of sending a physical batch up to our ticket office is not good enough for them, nor letting you ring them up and buy over the phone - it’s like something out of the Krypton Factor just to get into a football match!

And be warned that even after you finally get through it all and get confirmation of purchase, you won’t actually get the eTicket until 48 hours before the game. :roll_eyes:

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Should have mentioned it earlier but after negotiating the labyrinthine ticket purchasing system you then get the opportunity to also buy a parking space at the ground (costs is £6-10 depending on how close to the stadium exit the space is). Little if any on-street “free” parking available in the area around the ground due to yellow lines and resident permit zones, but there are several other car parks on various business premises within walking distance that are cheaper - including the large park and ride immediately across the A12 from the stadium, and that’s only £3.and has more spaces (and possibly even closer to the away end than the official club parking if you’re happy to climb over the fence and walk along the verge to the pedestrian crossing rather than walk all the way round on the public path).


What is Colchester like for a weekend? or would Clacton be a better shout?

FTFY :smile:


Is this the last away day?

Hopefully be some next season, but it is this season’s. :wink:


There’s always one Andy and today it’s you :smiley::wink:


It’s main claims to fame are oysters, squaddies, and being burnt to the ground by Boudica (aka Boadicea).

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A reminder to anyone going who has bought a ticket in advance from Colchester’s website - check your inbox for an e-mail from them (sent out earlier today). You have to respond to that before they send you another with your actual ticket (or rather a PDF to print or show on your mobile).

BTW Is there going to be a match thread?