Colchester v FGR

Watched a chunk of this game the other night and thought it was dire. When we play well, we are better than either of these and one is walking away with the division. It really is a dire league. Keeping hold of our best players and a bit of decent recruitment in the summer really should have us in the mix or else we are also in a dire state. It will really be dire 'ere. (See what I did thur :sweat_smile:).

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I thought exactly the same. Not much to choose between the two teams. And apart from the occasional glimpse of a few FGR supporters, the away end looked empty.

I agree. League 2 is generally crap anyway. I hate the fact we are stuck here.

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This is illustrated even more when you consider Forest Greens win last night was their first in the last 8 games.

Of those last 24 points available they’ve dropped 17 of them …. and still sit 7 points clear at the top of the table. :man_shrugging:

What’s even more frustrating is in the same period we’ve picked up 15 points and are still a million miles away from them. If we could have got a few wins interspersed with our poor and mediocre streaks earlier in the season we’d be in with half a shout now

Desperately need to start a season well for a change…Forest Green won 6 of their first 8 league games.

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Port Vale and Exeter wasnt much better tonight 0-0

Sad to see Oldham looking more and more likely to drop out of the league, although they play Stevenage in a couple of weeks.

They need that one, hate to see Oldham drop out of the league at the expense of teams like Stevenage!
However if they did we should be first in line for Baramboula, although Posh will beat everyone, and make another million or so when they sell him on to a higher division (again).

He’s played well against us in the past, and I was worried when he came off the bench the other week. I thought he was absolutely dreadful though. Definitely a talented player but if Flynn is going to continue to play with wing backs then I can’t see where he would fit in, unless he can play centre forward?

I’d rather us use that money elsewhere rather than shoehorn him into a system not suited to his ability.

Always wary of a good start now, I remember we won 5 of our first 6 at the start of 2018/19 :joy:

I think one issue is that we always seem to have a terrible Dec/Jan/Feb which essentially kills the season stone dead. I know it’s all ‘in theory’ but extrapolate our form under Flynn (9 games, so a decent sample size to benchmark) all the way back to the win at Vale Park at the end of November and we’d still be in the mix for the playoffs going into the last 8 games. Some excitement, even if we missed out. All with the same squad.

I feel like this season is a bit of a missed opportunity.

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Yeah the Keates season was a bit of an outlier but you also have to look back to 15/16 which withstood a poor run under O’Driscoll to very nearly make 2nd due to all the points accumulated before xmas of that season.

Good start is essential and no reason not to demand that given Flynn is using this period as extended pre season.

He needs to be backed though e.g. whoever the top target for CF to be signed before first game rather than August 31st.