I know it’s a few weeks off, but I was given a heads up by the ticket office yesterday that tickets for our game at Colchester on 7th September will go on sale next Monday - and they are still doing that strange pricing structure where the price rises massively the closer to the game you buy them.

No idea what the prices are for the away area yet, but their cheapest home seats start off at £15.50 (available up to 6 weeks + 1 day in advance) and gradually rise to £22 by matchday!

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Here’s what the Vale fans are paying for their first game away at Col U

mind you they were doing this last time I went to Col U but I bought mine at the bescot ticket office on the Saturday before and the girl sold it to me at the cheapest price!

I see from that they aren’t giving away fans (or at least the Port Vile fans) a crack at their cheapest Early Bird prices.

And the kids? FOC 'em! :joy:

More proof, as if it were needed, that modern life is basket case bonkers.


Best thing about Colchester…the Military Prison.
Served a nice 6 weeks there in 2001.


Looks like I’ll be getting mine Monday then… been stung enough with the ridiculous Northampton, Crewe and Plymouth prices.

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Now for sale on the OS:
prices as follows:

@NelsonsCounty if you still have your record of your time there in the military prison you might get the military discount! :rofl:

Card-only payment on the day if you don’t get one in advance.

Only 256 sent initially for the first block of the East stand (on the side and closest to the goal line). If we do need more then (going by the prices Vile were given) they will open up the blocks closer to the halfway line but the cost goes up the closer you get.

Why do they have to make it so complicated???

A reminder that today is the last day to buy an advance Colchester ticket at the cheapest possible price, goes up tomorrow, and then again on the 31st.

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