"Come and join us"?

Practically half-way through the season, and the prospect of promotion is giving us a tantalising glimpse of what life might be like back in League One.

Let’s assume that we do go up (sorry for counting chickens!) - who could be dropping from the Championship to make (or renew) our acquaintance?

Currently there are three teams cut adrift at the foot of that table - Huddersfield Town (22pts), Wigan Athletic (24pts) and Blackpool (25pts), but only a couple of points above them there’s a clutch of four teams on 27 points (Bristol City, Rotherham United, Cardiff City and Hull City).

Oh, and only 3 points above that lot is Sjoke City…

Who would you choose for the drop? Cardiff City for me, having seen us win there on a very cold Boxing Day a few years back!!

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Joke city would be my first choice

The last time I was that premature, we ended up with a bundle of joy who now follows me everywhere and calls me Dad :rofl:

I’ll take a first game of the season or August Bank Holiday weekend game away at Blackpool please.


Blackpool and Cardiff would be nice.

This post hasn’t aged too well. :rofl: