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Come on (SIR RAY Walsall legend) come and help deano


Could we persuade SIR RAY GRAYDON to come and give deano some guidance. ( even on a part time basis) . Match made in heaven .


I appreciate the logic behind it, and it is needed, but the last thing I want is Sir Ray involved with this shower of ■■■■.

Leave his legacy alone. The arseholes in charge don’t deserve a gent like Graydon’s help.


Would sort the defence out without spending a penny!!!


It’s crossed my mind alot since Keates was appointed, but I just think Graydon deserves so much better than getting involved in a mess like us.


No no no. Leave his legacy alone. Don’t let liability Luke or gormless Guthrie mess with anything else.


I would sooner DK be given every chance that can be given rather than a committed fan’s favourites/legend’s that served the club brilliantly in 2 stints name being muttered in the same breath as Shitney in 6 months time if he gets the boot


Even Ray couldn’t make Guthrie the new Tony Barras.


I think Sir Ray would be suggesting to DK that 2 P45’s are the order of the day


If i remember correct, didn’t it seem like he had signed a coach for every position on the pitch? i think we have a manager with the biggest backroom staff ever, i would be looking at getting rid of some, because up to yet they have under performed and let him down badly, and the wages could be better spent on playing staff.


Wouldn’t be a bad shout when you look at Newport having Lennie Lawrence as advisor to Michael Flynn!!!