Confidence in Trivela?

I have confidence in trivela because of one reason , failing to succeed isnt good for there company. Who would invested in a company whos assess are not showing growth.

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Why would you not create a UTS poll, and why would you use a loaded question?


Up until the appointment of Sadler - very confident based on:

Purchase of the freehold.
Investment in the infrastructure.
Investment in the squad (paid transfer fees for Knowles + Matt).

Last season didn’t work out and I don’t blame Trivela for that.

I don’t like where we are right now, but accept that things will change on that front (and hopefully quickly).

Im going to play devils advocate here. I have full confidence in Trivela turning this club around . Will it happen as quick as us Walsall fans want ? Not a chance , Rome wasnt built in a day.

Last season Flynn was backed massively in the transfer market with what players he wanted and even some transfer fees. The sole reason we as a team failed was because of one man and one man only Flynn he had no plan B and threw his players under the bus.

We lost our best two players in january but DJ get real what club in our position would pay a fee to sign a player on a six month contract (if this has had gone pear shaped after six months trivela would if been slated yet again) WELL DONE TRIVELA FOR STANDING YOUR GROUND.

Liam Bennett , we were never gonna keep him in a million years after the potential he showed he was always going to be recalled thats the risk with the loan market.

The failings last year falls at one mans feet only Flynn!!

Saddlers club yes fed up of hearing about this but when completed will provide us with an extra revenue stream. Whether this provides an extra 300k a year or only 60k a year the 60k a year will allow you to sign half decent player wirh the wages paid for the year .

They returned the freehold to us as promised ahead of schedule resulting in again extra revenue to be spent how much extra who knows ?

You can clearly see Trivela have a 5-7 year plan to grow the club. Luton, Brentford,Plymouth , Stockport etc all operated to this plan am i saying in seven years time we will be playing at anfield or the etihad no im not , but given time and support we could be flirting with the championship

As was said when they purchased the club EVOLUTION not REVOLUTION

I have full faith in trivela and BB.


Well said, fully agree with you. It seems that most Saddlers have no patience, with their glasses always half empty.
Keep the faith Saddlers fans


We have had plenty over the last 5 years.


As for the original question im about 60/40 in favour.

Most of the moaning minnies (aka trolls) on here won’t even admit to having a glass to start with. :rofl:

There was a thread a while back about what is wrong with the club. Of course there are some things that are wrong and need fixing, but a lot of the noise is about fairly minor things amplified by impatience (e.g. Trivela have been here 12 months and we haven’t already been promoted. Really?)

I guess it’s a symptom of the modern “I want it now” age were you can order a fridge or a car online as easy as takeaway (and in some cases have it delivered sooner!) However, some people need to give heir heads a wobble and accept that this is going to be a journey not instant gratification.


The same “journey” we have been on since Smith left. We always appear to be on a journey with no destination. Trivela are new yes, but you can hardly blame fans for being fed up.


I’ve had none of that !!

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Let’s be objective

Pros of Trivela

  • bought the freehold
  • investment in saddlers club
  • BB comes across well and seems genuinely lovely guy.
  • had a large squad last season. Suggest manager is (reasonably) supported.
  • plans and objectives in BBs letter good in theory

Cons of Trivela

  • no real change in club hierarchy. Makes me think they don’t know what they’re doing.
  • significant price increases (but understandable)
  • mixed messages about their aims (at different times I’ve heard. Getting return on an investment, supporting Walsall the town as a whole, using Walsall as a conduit for cheap African talent, etc)
  • still an absence of transparency around how they will make their money and how they will exit E.g lack of details around purchasing of freehold. This engenders distrust!
  • Walsall still only team in their portfolio of clubs. Bit of a red flag for me.

So I’m not sure/low confidence in them at the moment. I don’t think they’re dodgy. But I don’t think they’re as invested or have as good ideas as say a fan led club like AFC Wimbledon are.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Back off!


@WTID i appreciate what you are saying

I know some clubs operate to a plan but I’m worried about where we are and what this plan entails.

Has our decline “bottomed out”, I thought so. Now, not so sure. Rookie manager. Rookie owners. Div 4 football.

Like you say hard to draw parallels with other clubs, but Stockport and Luton had well and truly bottomed out. They built from the very bottom.

Brentford have had a bit of cash but have punched well above their weight. Plymouth I know nothing about.

Our immediate aim should be win win win fro
A point of absolute safety from non league football. There is no guarantee that we go down that we come back up quickly. Concerned our sole focus isn’t on winning and going for the play offs as a minimum.

If Trivella want to make a statement put a team together to smash this division. Then tell me all your plans

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Interesting article about the City group. We aren’t on that scale but maybe the same model ?

Touches on what they call creative tension. That’s where the small fish loses their top player(s) to their bigger partners within the group. New York have lost their leading scorer to Girona in Spain. Loads of questions on this for me. Does it mean the end of big pay days from Fryatts Griggs Ricos etc ? We pass him up the line to someone else for a modest fee ? They could potentially cash in on the big pay day.

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I am not confident in Trivela, not because I think that they have come here with bad intentions to asset-strip the football club to make money in a future property deal. That scenario does not really make sense.

My problem is that Trivela seem to be well-intentioned but naive and inexperienced. They are a business that has to make money from its investments, but there is no realistic prospect of making a return. It is impossible for a club the size of Walsall to make a decent trading profit based on reliable sources of income, such as ticket sales, commercial ventures, and TV deals.

Promotion, even up to the Championship, would not mean a trading profit, because increased expenses on wages and player recruitment, more than cover the increased revenue. Walsall made its biggest losses when in the Championship.

The only way that teams in the lower EFL can make money is by signing players cheaply, improving them, and selling them on at a profit. That can happen, but no company should plan its future on the basis of selling players who have not yet come to the club.

By choosing an inexperienced manager with no track record, Trivela have taken a huge risk. I hope and pray that it comes off, but a prudent company would not have taken such a risk. I believe that Trivela know so little about how to run a successful lower league football club that they think that they know everything about it - the Dunning-Kruger effect. They believe that just putting in a decent chap with their philosophy of football will set the club on the right path, but people with more experience know that it is not as simple as that.


As far as I’m concerned, I have no reason to doubt that Trivela will be anything but a good thing for Walsall. Things can obviously change but up until now no problem. Judge and compare them after 5yrs.


I agree with what your saying , i too am concerned about having a rookie manager with the position we currently find ourselves in but i take comfort in the likes of Dean Smith, Richard Money , even Sir Ray all being fairly rookie when they were appointed. I have great belief that Sadler will turn out to be an astute decision.

Yes all football clubs from the word go there main aim should be win win win whether theyre title favourites or relegation favourites i just want to see a team whether win lose or draw gives 100% every time they pull that shirt on. The main aim next season should at least be play offs this can be achieved without breaking the bank. I know very little about Matt Jordan so refuse to comment on it my feelings are reserved on him and the proof will be in the pudding.

Trivella yes need to back sadler in whatever players he feels will improve us they need to make a statement in the next couple of weeks with a big name signing for our division whether it be DJ or someone else , they need to capture our imagination put out a team proud to wear the shirt and all pull in the same direction , that is when our belief and undying support for the board will return.

Isn’t today the 1st anniversary of them taking over?

Great post overall Andy. Zero hyperbole. The above is my main current feeling of unease.

They are very good at stating aims, but when it comes to putting meat on the bones so we all understand exactly what is going to be happening and how it’s going to be measured - and who is directly responsible - we are left guessing.

Headline - Freehold sorted. Great! So, what is the set up with the mortgage in comparison to the rent? What happens if we can’t repay etc? We get nothing

Headline: Saddlers Club renovation! Great, when is it going to be? What’s it going to be? Nothing.

Headline: Manager appointed based on new structure, best candidate. What was the process? Who were the candidates? What is the new structure? Who will be the wider team? Absolutely nothing.

There is so much more, too. And only at Walsall for some reason do we have to suffer this continual veil of secrecy. I have looked at other takeovers, I have spoken to fans of Vale and County. You can only assume its either waffle or this way of operating is passed down from board to board (well it would be, if it wasn’t the same board).

Im sure the Walsall ‘moaning minnies’ (quite how anyone can label Walsall supporters this after the utter tripe we have had to endure both on and off the pitch is totally beyond me) would feel a little more comfortable if we had some meat on the bones to get our teeth into.

Statements full of promises are very nice, but we have learned the hard way, well some of us have, anyway, it means very little until we get some action.

Like all of my posts state, we still have a very important pre season ahead. We just have to hope that those ‘moaning minnies’ with all their silly worries and justified concerns aren’t correct for the 7th consecutive season.