Connor Ronan

Has returned to Wolves after his unsuccessful spell. Never fitted any of our systems really and there have been plenty.

Not arsed really. Good player in there but had no real impact. Ah well.

Did you predict this?


Maybe we can get midfielder in on loan now with a bit more bite and experience

No surprise. Hasn’t even been coming on in games the team have been losing in recent times.

I think that’s a shame. He has quality and we don’t seem to have made much use of his talents.

Wolves pulled him back early so not to cup tie him I presume far from happy with his game time bearing in mind he was a free hit

He doesn’t really fit the system but, based on what I’ve seen, I’m disappointed. He has some real quality.

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Ironic thing is the team are now playing a style where he could’ve played given Gordon is now in the number 10 position.

Just didn’t work out but wouldn’t shock me if he went elsewhere in league one and made an impact, did o.k at Pompey last season by all accounts.

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The new lad Mussa is obviously his replacement according to the website except,of course,he will be a Walsall player. Interesting we have paid some compensation for him.

There is certainly a talent there.
MOTM in the few minutes he played on Boxing Day, but that was a very low bar.

Inevitable development, and I’m not at all fussed, to be honest.

Only saw him a couple of times, which must not have been his better turns for us, based on some of the comments above. He was neat and tidy enough, but so was Nicky Featherstone, and at least the latter had a bit more physical presence to go with it. Mussa won’t have far to go to make more of an impact.

Not surprised at all. Came on at Bradford and couldn’t be bothered to chase after a ball.

Did anyone bother that day apart from the fans

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Yes, Some were bothered, how about Kinsella. The point was he’d just come on with fresh legs