Conor Wilkinson

Confirmed ACL rupture, 6-12 months out

Really unfortunate. Means the budget will be stretched even further next season.


One step forward one step back. Get fit soon Conor. UTS.

Get well soon Connor… hopefully be back for the new year.

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Can’t say I’ll miss the player that much, but disastrous for our budget, got to be one of the higher earners.

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There again no plans to replace JF so have his salary in the pot and bet that will be a reasonable amount.

Desperate news. Think he’d have been a star playing off a good striker in a 3-5-2 next season.

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The two could be connected.

Bad news all round


All we need after zero contribution from him this season Is another one the same

Would insurance offset some of that cost so we arent paying all of his salary?

Not sure what these policies involve and if they pay 50%, reducing percentage over time etc, but hopefully we can minimise the cost to us at least in some way.

Pathetic remark


Now that’s an entrance :smiley:


I’ve no idea but I hope so!

Couldn’t care less


Touché . Brilliant response :joy:
How can I argue with such verbal dexterity and eloquence

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To me it’s not Wilkinson’s fault he’s one of the highest earners but his performance levels are all in his own hands and I’m sure we can all agree that if you take his penalties away he’s had a poor season.His finish against Newport was one of the goals of the season in the whole league but I’d swap that for consistency.At least the operation has gone well that’s a positive start to the recovery process so hopefully October November time he’ll be making some appearances from the bench.

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