Controversial view!


With all talk of demands for a new owner and whether this is anywhere near feasible I wanted to put a view forward which it frustrates me to suggest:

Jeff clearly feels that League 1 survival and long established existence at this level is some sort of achievement (his estimation not ours!) so is the route to him exiting the club (selling or stepping aside if that’s feasible) a journey towards non-league status??

He’s always proffered himself as the clubs saviour which runs a bit thin in the opinion of most of us that can see through his nonsense but would he really want to be at the helm if we were to descend into L2 with the threat (in a downward spiral) of further decline?

Just a thought…


Be careful what you wish for.

I don’t buy into the “look at Stockport” scaremongering but I also don’t think it would be all happy sailing and let’s rebuild. It’s a hard slog down there.


One season in Division 2 since 1995 gives you an answer. He wouldn’t like a relegation one bit and if it happened he would do his best to get us back up. Easier said than done!!!


No wish from me El_n - personally I think a relegation would do us more harm than good (stating the obvious!)

The point is would JB see it as negative press and it potentially draw attention to his ownership style? He’s wallowed in being portrayed as ‘prudently’ running a good club in the press and clearly a relegation wouldn’t help maintain that view…


I agree Coop. Otherwise the dynasty will continue.

Painful but necessary.


To me it is a far more existential subject than merely league status.

What is the purpose of Walsall FC? What is the point of Walsall FC?

I know none of us got hooked through the promise of European glory or a plethora of silverware. So it is something that transcends glory.

For me it was about community, the little guys working together to be the best that they can be. And along the way that involved disappointment because hey, we were the underdogs, but it also involved dishing out some bloody noses, especially in that ramshackle corner of Hilary street that was our home and defined us in so many ways. Our community, our home, our club, tough as the bulldog of Staffordshire fame but with the warmest of hearts and humour. Visitors more than welcome, just don’t patronise or belittle us.

We’ve lost that. The ground doesn’t define us in any way shape or form, it isn’t ours in any case and whilst we’re still the little guys we’re not working together to be the best we can be because the fella running it has made an absolute killing on the back of what morally should be a community asset that enables the football team that represents that community. That story, the perception of that story and its symbolism hangs like a perpetual dark cloud over the place and those of us who visit it.

I’d drop as far down the pyramid as it took lose that cloud, to regain our purpose, our identity and our spirit. It would be ace if we didn’t need to drop anywhere, but I fear it may be the only way.


I’ve never demanded success at Walsall but, by God, I demand that we strive for success at all times.

Unfortunately neither is happening, and never will while the rent gatherer is in charge.


The ‘what if…’ question will be answered when Bonser gies, or, more likely, passes on. The current lingering malaise is worse than anything other option. Worst case scenario is we are passed down in a family dynasty and get thirty more years of the same. One hopes whoever takes over is a better people person and negotiator.


Perhaps this is where we enter AFC Walsall territory?


I always wondered why there wasn’t an AFC Blackpool or similar, considering they have lost more than double from their average home support.


That’s my worry and exactly what I think will happen. They’ll eventually only want to let go when crowds drop to such a level that we tumble through the leagues.



Move to hednesford

Go out fighting

Saddlers are back


The thing is, WOULD we drop down the leagues if our support dropped off? because the players would still be playing and the manager would still be managing, probably under less pressure because there would be less people on his back if we lost.


There’s only so long any club could survive on under 3k crowds in League One and then League Two unless you get a bit lucky. That’s what realistically could happen in the next 15-20 years if mentality and control doesn’t change.


Good point.
I may be wrong, but I think there is… (kind of), isn’t that how AFC Fylde was formed?


No, there is actually an AFC Blackpool


Any idea what their crowds are like? just wondering if the Blackpool stayaways have gone there.


Last home match 65!


Obviously not then :joy:


Even less than England managed yesterday :joy: