Controversial view!


That’s surprising considering Blackpool’s situation.


Puts our plan for AFC Walsall into perspective :wink:


I don’t think it’s surprising. Whilst AFC clubs seem a great idea on paper, football fans have an emotional attachment to their club and the fact that the new club would not be a continuation of the original would be a problem for many.

The only club I think that has bucked that trend is Wimbledon but that was a pretty unique and extreme situation wheretheir club was stolen and sent 50 miles away. Even then a few of the original Wimbledon fans do come up to MK still and support what they still see as their team.

If an AFC Walsall was ever formed it would likely attract a few fans but the majority would stay with what they considered to be the real Walsall.


AFC Blackpool were founded in 1947, don’t think they are protest related.


65 fans since 1947. Wow :open_mouth:


Surely if you’re the owner or on the board of AFC Blackpool you would be taking advantage of the situation?

The club carries the towns name and the same colours of Blackpool FC?


The club existed , but only became AFC Blackpool about 10 years ago,with a merger and name change. It appears to be seperate from the Oyston fiasco.

I share the reservations about alternative clubs. Surely you should try and get back the stolen goods as long as they’re still recoverable. Especially as they have great"sentimental value. " I’d feel uneasy supporting anyone else while that was still the case. As said ,the Wimbledon cause was already hopeless re MK .


I don’t agree with the last paragraph as I fear we would never rise up again or regain our identity, however the rest of your post is the best thing I’ve ever seen writen on this site. That’s exactly what Walsall F.C. and their supporters used to be about. Brought a tear to my eye. :cry:


So would i. at least it would all be about the football , with little or no commercial value for vultures to take advantage.