Hopefully, Jarvis won’t tell Cookie what wages he’s on at Norwich! I can only assume that WFC are paying, say £2k to £3k a week for Jarvis (a similar figure to Cookie); however, I assume that Norwich are contractually obliged to pay the rest (probably nearer to £18k a week based on the wages I know of at Villa, Derby, Blues and Stoke).


He’s on £30k at Norwich I believe


Even if Cookie was to get 25, which is more than doable, then he would have got nearly what Oztumer did for us over two seasons and look how much he carried us.


Jarvis was on 30k a week when he signed for Norwich in the PL. I’d imagine their relegation knocked a fair bit off that. I’d say you’re right around the 18k mark but he may still me on 30K.


He will be gone in the summer , it will be almost impossible for us to keep hold of a 20+ goal striker.


That would make Bonser even more popular than he is now…:grin:


I think any club of our size would struggle to keep such a player.


Not sure I agree Mazza. He is 29 and played most of his career in non league. I cannot see a Championship looking seriously at him, more like an ambitious L1 club or one that gets relegated from the Championship this season.

There are many clubs of “our size” with decent strikers. The difference is that our owner will not pay the going salary rates and seizes almost every opportunity to take a transfer wedge when one is offered.


Pretty sure he’s on 23k


I think we will be very susceptible to a Cook move, purely down to the fact he is in last chance saloon territory for making some big money in the game. I think if anyone were to come in for him from a bigger club then he would be pushing for a move as he will be 29 at the beginning of next season. Personally I think he would score goals in the championship provided that he was given good service from the wings, but like others have said I could definitely see one of the League 1 big boys trying to sign him.

He does come across as a really genuine guy but at his age and late arrival in league football he would be mad to turn down a move where he could be picking up 5 figures per week… unless its Bolton who wouldn’t pay him at all :smile:


I could definitely see someone take a punt on him purely because of the club he plays for.

We’d probably accept £300K for him and other teams will know that and be willing to pay it.


I think it was 5 play off games.


A Sunderland fan mate of mine says their fans on social media believe Cook could be the answer to their lack of goals.


Yes you’re right we lost the 2nd leg 0-2 to Bristol city then there were penalties to decide home or away


If we was to sell cook before the end January. I think like many others that would be it for me . gone never to return. I would be so ■■■■■■ off . And I think bonser must know that.


He would never go. He hates them to the point I don’t think he’d take their cash.


I could just see him turning up at the ground for talks wearing a Newcastle shirt just to wind them up.


I imagine that he’s been on Twitter at some point slagging off Sunderland. There is a precedent: Colback and famously, Lee Clark but I’m not sure it would be a wise move, personally.


Yes, I’d sell Cook for £750k. He’s playing well now but earlier in the season he looked pretty ordinary. We could get a decent replacement in if we paid them a decent wage.


The problem with such a theory is however, that Bonser (sorry Suffolk Life)
would pocket the cash (via the black hole that is Walsall F.C.) to repay more of his ‘loans’, and no replacement would be forthcoming with him stating that “the drop in attendance figures have made it impossible to finance any approach”
We could write his script for him, save him the irritation at having to find excuses again.