Really ?? 750k won’t guaratee you a 20 goal striker and safety. I would keep Cookie.


So would I and we can until the end of next season. Then,of course, it is in his hands rather than ours.


750k, then split in half because of the clubs policy would then allow us to bring in a striker on 3600 a week (2 year contract) that’s not including the agent fees and signing on fees. would you be happy with this ?

EDIT: silly me hasn’t taken into consideration the wages cook is already on which I would assume the club are able to maintain without additional monies coming into the club, I imagine cook is on between 2-3k a week.

so going for the 2k a week that would see us able to offer 5,600 a week for 2 years.


Only Jeff earns that.


[quote=“Mazza01, post:204, topic:761, full:true”]
Only Jeff takes that

Fixed that for you :wink:




So hows the Cookie monster doing? I see hes bagged 15 goals already? I remember saying on here if Cookie gets you 12-16 goals over the entire season hes had a successful first season, but it looks like he will easily beat that. Credit to the fella and I always knew it would happen. Its his awkward style of play that gets him the chances, and of course the excellent aerial ability.

Do you think you will keep hold of him? Looks like hes going to hit 20 plus fairly comfortably and you could get a few bites off bigger clubs?
Also how did Ginnelly do? Was very surprised when I saw PNE snatched him off you, any idea how much you got for him?

All the best!


Ginnelly went for an undisclosed fee as per usual and cook I doubted his ability at this level when first came but looks better with every game now. A lot fitter and sharper. Class👌🏻


Glad to hear. Norwood has been immense for us this season and already has 20 goals in all comps. Good job really because was extremely worried when Cook left as he and Norwood had a great partnership. Norwood has carried us though but sadly looks to be sold in the next 7 days or leave for nothing in the summer. We are used to losing quality strikers on free transfers though…


Hopefully sold to us that would be great to link him up with the Cookie :cookie: monster :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:


We wont compete with the clubs that will be after Norwood sadly love him here myself.


We can but dream .


The only possible advantage we would have over other clubs in league 1 is andy cook his old partner in crime . But if let’s say Pompey came in for him no chance . Wonder how much tranmere would want for him considering he is out of contract in the summer???


Interesting. Any links to league one clubs. Not expecting it to be Walsall but would presume maybe a Barnsley in for him as they’ve lost a few attacking players this window. Also screams Peterborough given their record over last 10 years.


Ned scored 20 in 39 FL games 7 in the play offs 1 in the FAC and 2 in the SVT in 87-8


Thanks for That