Watching Cook score those goals it confirms that he wont fit in down at the Bescot…A forward, scoring goals? No, that is not acceptable at all!
Bring back Bakayoko up front, back to normality.

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Looks he takes after Micky Quinn the Coventry, Newcastle and Portsmouth goal machine from the 80s - who I loved watching at Pompey in my days as a student down there
Mick Quinn on scoring, gambling, fighting and horses | Daily Mail Online

Are you AM in disguise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Looks like a duck.
Waddles like a duck.
Quacks like a duck.
Ducking hell, it has to be AM.

I believe his answer would have been duck to you too!

if he gets dean to get pro fit (northing againist tranmere fitness coach) and lose that bit round his gut he could be another rammel

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good vids of him looks a right nightmare to play againist ch are going love him something we have not for long time

Managed to find all 51 goals (in order I think)

The Titanic song perfectly fitting for his last goal…


Left foot, right foot, headers … and apparently never afraid to have a go. Some of those goals were the kind of opportunistic strike we occasionally saw from our Turkish Messi. Defenders in League One will probably pose a bigger physical problem than some of the powder puff non-league variety, but Cook has the physical attributes (and attitude) to mix it with all comers.

Dean Keates has to concentrate on getting the supporting players to give Cook the best possible service, because (as those goals show) he will be our best chance of scoring. Exciting times ahead !!!


More excited now than I have been for many seasons, lets hope we do see some quality goals. don’t mind where we finish, (except in the relegation zone that is!) or even end up losing a few along the way, just some entertaining play.

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Welsh_Saddler, certainly Cook will come up against better defenders, but its the type of striker he is that makes me believe he will still score in L1.Hes clever, tough and like you say scores all types of goals with either foot and hes formidable in the air.

Keates needs to play to his strengths though, i.e Cook needs service via crosses mainly.Obviously he can score with his feet but if you get a few wingers who can cross, Cook will probably be much stronger than most L1 defenders in the air, aswell as the ones he faced in non league.I think Keates will know these strengths though, after seeing him play and score against his Wrexham side.

Cooks very competitive and he does care.Yeah, hes 27 and only just getting in the Football League, but its about clubs taking a chance on him, and I believe Walsall have played a blinder here getting him.I think if you get 12-16 league goals from him first season then its a successful first go at the FL for Cook.I believe hes got it in him to achieve more goals, but lets not get carried away, League One is different to the National League.


I’m excited by this signing his game looks like it will make the step up to this level I’m predicting he’ll get 15-20 with the right service.


This ‘‘Tranmerefan’’ is not the same one as posts on our boards. Probably the guy who seems to be unable to stop himself going on every other teams board that we play and basically tells them our strengths and weaknesses so that they can get their tactics right.

Not sure what you mean lochgoil?

Just giving you lot a heads up on Cook, that’s it.

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Tranmere 2015 I presume

That’s the key - if we get that right we will be able to get the best out of him. I think he will struggle if we play a left footed player on the right and vice versa.

After now seeing him play for us i couldn’t agree with you more
Good luck for the season but you obviously have a massive gap to fill with him gone

So big Cookie is doing well so far?

Yeah, weve still got a big gap. Norwood who already has 4 in 4 is missing him as a strike partner. Ive already seen enough to think if we had kept Cook we would be getting back to back promotions. They were like Shearer and Sheringham, but the lower league version.

We brought back former player Cole Stockton from Carlisle to replace him. Which has had mixed reactions from our fans, most didn’t rate him including me. Hes done okay in games but remains goalless in 5 games. If we still had Cook…

All the best.


He’s doing well. Hopefully his goal tonight will give him abit of confidence. But his all round play is great and him and Ferrier up front work so well together.

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Agree with that…trying too hard perhaps but the goal last night might well settle him down. Pleased at the 'edge" he and Ferrier have brought to our play but they need to avoid silly bookings.